With more than 20,000 local and international students from countries across the globe, we groom our students through a full collegiate, co-curricular and extracurricular experience that prepares them to excel in a dynamic world.

This congenial academic atmosphere creates a community experience that positions our students for a life-long learning and self-discovery. We call it the ‘UPSA experience’.

Our student-centered approach to higher education makes us the preferred choice for many prospective students who have ambitions of obtaining a topnotch undergraduate, graduate or professional education.

Throughout their time at this great institution, UPSA students find themselves in a community that embraces them, challenges them and exposes them to new thinking every day. At the end of their study, our graduates feel confident and excited about their future and have the self-belief to aspire to greater heights.

Through the Vice-Chancellor’s Endowment Fund (VCEF), financial aid and scholarships are made available to brilliant but indigent students whose academic life and aspirations the University believes must not be truncated due to financial challenges. This sense of oneness and this spirit of inclusion is what sets UPSA apart as the only university in Ghana which prides itself in “scholarship with professionalism.”