1. Venue and Time of Examinations: Candidates are advised to consult the Final Examination Timetable regularly to avoid lateness or missing the Examination entirely.

2. Registration for Examination: The candidate must make sure that he/she is properly registered for a particular Examination by referring to his/her Proof of Registration Slip.

3. Time for entering the Examination Hall: It is the responsibility of ALL candidates of any particular examination to find the examination hall well in advance and be seated at least thirty (30) minutes before time.

4. Admission into the Examination Hall: Candidates would be allowed into the
examination hall by showing their Student Identification Cards to the Invigilators. Candidates who do not possess an Identification Card may be refused entry to an examination hall by the invigilator. Candidates are therefore advised to secure their student Identification Cards before the commencement of any examination.

5. Seating Arrangement for the Examination: Candidates must sit ONLY at the desks where their Examination/Index Numbers are indicated.

6. Prohibition of Foreign Materials: Candidates will not be permitted to bring bags, notebooks, textbooks, or any other item considered as foreign materials to the Examination Halls or verandas.


1. Use of Index Numbers: Candidates are required to use their Index Numbers (written in full) throughout the examination. Under no circumstance must a candidate’s name or any other personal information other than the Index Number, be written or any part of the answer booklets, graph sheets, etc provided. Candidates who fail to comply will be penalized.

2. Possession of Mobile Phone in Examination Hall: Mobile Phones and any other miniature or hand-held digital devices with storage e.g., wrist watches are not allowed in the Examination Hall; whether switched on/off/silent. Candidates are warned that sanctions would be applied to those who may flout these regulations.

3. Sending Printed Materials into Examination Hall: Candidates may only take printed materials or manuscripts into the Examination Hall when it has previously been advertised together with the Examination Timetable or when stated in the rubrics on the question paper. Such materials or items must be presented to the invigilator for inspection when entering the examination hall.

4. Sending Mathematical Instruments into the Examination Hall: Candidates may use their slides- rules, mathematical instruments, and other aids as the regulations or the rubrics on the paper may permit. Such materials or items must be presented to the Invigilator for inspection when entering the examination hall.

5. Use of Calculators: when calculators are permitted, they should be handheld, quiet, self-powered, and portable. Examination question papers shall state whether programmable calculators and/ or information storage devices shall be allowed. Calculator instructions/manuals will not be allowed in the examination rooms under any circumstance. Candidates are responsible for the functioning of their calculators.

6. Sharing of items in the Examination Hall: The sharing of items, such as erasers, pencils, mathematical sets, rulers etc., is not permitted in the examination hall. Candidates are therefore advised to bring along their own set of items.

7. Use of Student Identification Card during Examination: Each candidate shall be required to place his/her student’s identification card on the desk in the examination hall for the duration of the paper. Impersonation is prohibited and it constitutes cheating. Both the impersonator and the candidate shall be deemed to be in breach of the examination regulations.

8. Smoking at the Examination Hall: Smoking is not permitted in the Examination Hall.

9. Language Usage: All questions in any written examination must be answered in the English Language unless instructions on the question paper indicate otherwise.

10. Signing of the Examination Attendance Register: Candidates must sign the Examination Attendance Register when it is presented to the candidate by the Invigilator at any time during each examination.

11. Commencement of the Examination: No Candidate shall be permitted to start any examination until formally instructed to do so by the Invigilator-in-charge.

12. Late Arrival at the Examination Hall: Candidates will not be admitted into an Examination Hall thirty (30) minutes after the start of the examination.

13. First thirty (30) Minutes and last Fifteen (15) Minutes of an Examination: Candidates will not be permitted to leave the Examination Hall during the first thirty (30) minutes and the last fifteen (15) minutes of any particular examination. Candidates who may have any genuine excuse for this regulation should write to the Director of Academic Affairs one
week before the commencement of the semester Examination for permission.

14. Permission to leave Examination Hall: A candidate may be permitted to leave an Examination Hall temporarily but must be accompanied by an Invigilator or any officer engaged for that purpose.

15. Possession of Foreign Material: Candidates found to be in possession of foreign materials will be made to write a statement before continuing with the Examination.

16. Communication in the Examination Hall: Any candidate caught communicating with another candidate shall be deemed to have committed an offence/ Examination Malpractice and would be penalized. Candidates should address all complaints/questions to the invigilator.


1. Finishing an Examination before Time: A candidate who finishes writing an
Examination ahead of scheduled time may be allowed to leave the Examination Hall after submitting his/her answer booklet to the Invigilator and duly signed the attendance register.
The candidate shall prompt the Invigilator by raising his/her hands without making any noise to distract other candidates. He/she must remain seated until the Invigilator has asked him/her to leave the Examination Hall and shall not in any way be allowed to return to the examination hall for that particular Examination.

2. Leaving the Examination Hall: When “stop work” is announced, candidates must not leave the Examination Hall until their written work has been collected by an Invigilator and have been dismissed accordingly.

3. End of an Examination: when the lead Invigilator announces the end of the examination candidates shall stop writing immediately and remain seated in silence. They are to remain seated until all answer booklets have been collected before being allowed to leave the Exam Hall.

4. Sending Examination Materials Out of the Examination Hall: Mathematical tables and other materials such as answer booklets, graph sheets etc. provided for use in an Examination should not be removed from the Examination Hall whether used or not.