Counselling & Gender Unit

The University’s Counselling Unit is part of the Students Services, and our aim is to enable students achieve their academic and personal goals by providing confidential counselling and support for any difficulties encountered while at UPSA.

Our Counselling Unit is:
• Professional -We abide by international framework for ethical practice in counseling.
• Accessible – We are open to all members of the university regardless of ethnic, religious background, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability status.
• Confidential -Nothing disclosed to a counsellor will get to a third party without your permission.
• Services are free of charge.

Counselling Srevices Available At The Unit

• Academic/Career Counselling
• Personal-Social Counselling
• Marriage and Family Counselling
• Group Counselling
• Referral to others services
• Organization of Workshops, Seminars and Talk Sessions.
• Research on relevant Counselling issues.

The Centre Also Helps Students With The Following Difficulties:

• Problems with study e.g. poor concentration and fear of failure
• Difficulties in relationships.
• Bereavement
• Self-harm
• Anxiety or depression
• Eating Problems / Eating Disorders
• Alcoholism
• Financial Problems
• Managing transitions e.g. Settling into the University life
• Concerns about sexuality, sexual orientation and gender identity


South Wing (Rooms 17, 22 & 24)
0241843855, 0240150540, 0244 509 521
Email address: [email protected]

Gender Unit


The Gender Unit has been established to support female students in their effort towards successful completion of their studies. The Unit aims at providing Gender Related Services to students.

Major Concerns

The Unit is concerned with the following Gender based issues such as:
• Pregnancy and examinations
• Harassments, drug and substance abuse
• Discrimination
• Sexual assault, rape or attempted rape cases
• Bullying
• Psychological harassment
• Stalking
• Intimidation, and any other form of violence against women.

Counselling Within The Gender Unit

The Unit also offers counselling services to all students, both females and males on gender related issues.

Other Activities at The Gender Unit Include:

• Explanation of Gender Policies to students
• Organizing and supporting female student clubs
• Arranging trainings in gender awareness, assertiveness, and in other relevant issues
• Empowering female students towards success in their studies. To this end, it organizes different life skills trainings/workshops and gender awareness programs that aim at easing campus life for female students.
Students should collaborate with the Gender Officer to file their complaints for necessary action.

Mrs. Patience Araba Mba
Assistant Registrar (Gender Issues)
South Wing Room 17,
New Administration Block
Mobile no: 0244 509 521