UPSA Graduation



The 13th Congregation Ceremony has been broken down into four sessions. The First Session which involved the School of Graduate Studies and UPSA Law School was held on Saturday, 24th July, 2021. The remaining three sessions will take place as follows:

Event Date Time
Second Session: Faculty of IT & Communication Studies Tuesday, 12th October, 2021 1:00pm
Third Session: Faculty of Management Studies Wednesday, 13th October, 2021 1:00pm
Fourth Session and Special Congregation: Faculty of Accounting & Finance Thursday, 14th October, 2021 1:00pm



Every graduand must ensure that all obligations to the University have been fulfilled to pave the way for his/her graduation. Graduands who fail to do so by Friday, 8th October, 2021 will not be allowed to participate in the graduation ceremony.

1.1 Regulations and Requirements

The student must have been duly admitted to the University, followed the approved programme of study over the accepted period and satisfied the following conditions:
● Proof of regular enrolment in the degree/diploma programme.
● Passed in all required courses.
● Satisfactory discharge of such requirements as may be prescribed by the faculty and department for the award of a degree/diploma.
● Fulfilled all the minimum total credit passed requirements (including core courses and prescribed electives) as stipulated on pages 249-251 of the Undergraduate Students’ Handbook, 2018.

1.2 Confirmation of Degree or Diploma

List of candidates who are deemed eligible shall be laid before the Academic Board for confirmation. No award shall be conferred unless the Academic Board is satisfied that the candidate has met all the conditions for the award of a degree/diploma.

1.3 Presentation of Award

Following confirmation of an award of a degree/diploma, the candidate shall be entitled to be awarded the appropriate degree/diploma under the seal of the University at a Congregation of the University assembled for that purpose. The degree/diploma shall indicate the programme offered as well as the class obtained.

1.4 Financial Obligations to the University

Students with outstanding fees payment should contact the Students Accounts Office, Finance Directorate located on the 1st Floor of Access Bank (UPSA Branch) building. Every graduating student is duty bound to ensure that all financial obligations to the University are met.

1.5 Disciplinary/ Examination Malpractice Issues

Students with unresolved disciplinary/examination malpractice issues should contact their respective Faculty Officers or the Dean of Students Affairs for any clarification.

1.6 Graduation Fee

All Graduands are required to pay a non-refundable fee of GH¢350.00 to cover cost of congregation brochure, alumni registration fee, printing of certificates, hiring of academic gown, UPSA souvenirs and administrative charges. The graduation fee should be paid at any branch of Access Bank Limited after which the graduand must log on to to disburse the payment.

1.7 On-Line Registration

Login to your USIS student’s portal and click on the “Register for Graduation” tab to register for the graduation ceremony after having paid your graduation fee. Closing date for registration is Friday, 8th October, 2021.


If you have fulfilled all the conditions as stated in Section 1.0 above (i.e Eligibility for Graduation) you need to proceed as follows:

After having effected the payment and on-line registration, graduands should use the proof of registration and the interpay disbursement print-out to collect their gowns and UPSA souvenirs from Room 403, Third Floor, Students’ Centre.

The gown set is made up of a gown, hood and cap. These must be carefully examined before being taken away. On return, any item in a damaged condition will either not be accepted or a penalty fee will be charged. It is recommended that gowns should be collected by the graduand himself/herself.

Deadline for the collection of the gown is 5.00pm on Monday, 11th October, 2021.

Note carefully:
● Graduands should not wash gowns/hoods as they have been cleaned prior to distribution.
● Graduands are requested to return the gown to the same point of collection latest by Friday, 15th October, 2021. Failure to do so will attract a penalty of GH¢50.00 per day.


3.1 Arrival and Venue

Graduands are to be seated at 12.00 noon on each day of the graduation ceremonies.
Venue: Kofi Ohene-Konadu Auditorium, UPSA

Attendance of the graduation ceremony is limited only to graduating students (graduands).
In order to adhere to Covid-19 prevention protocols, ONLY graduands will be allowed entry onto campus on each day of the congregation. As a reminder, graduands MUST wear face masks in order to be admitted into the auditorium as well as at all times while on campus.

No guests of graduands are therefore allowed to attend any of the three events. For this reason, arrangement will be made to have all the events streamed live on all the social media handles of the University.

3.2 Seating Arrangements for Graduands

Graduands will be seated according to programme of study and class obtained. Ushers will help graduands to locate their seats. Graduands are requested to promptly take their seats on arrival and stay seated throughout the ceremony.

3.3 Presentation of Awards

Only graduands who attained first class degrees will be called to be acknowledged by officials on the dais. All male Graduands will, as a sign of courtesy, take off their caps before approaching the dais. Female Graduands may keep caps on. Once in front of the dais, graduands will bow to the officials on the dais before moving back to their seating places.

The Deans of the respective faculties, who will be presenting the students, will rise up and move to the front of the stage. Graduands are required to follow the instructions the Deans will be giving out during the conferment of the awards.

3.4 Courtesy

All Graduands and Guests must give the necessary decorum the ceremony deserves. For examples, Graduands are expected to stand up when the Chairman of Council and Members of Convocation’s processions are about to enter the Auditorium as well as when recessing. Graduands are also not expected to be wandering about during the proceedings.


Note the following after the graduation ceremony:

Ensure that you return your gown before 5.00pm, Friday, 15th October, 2021 to avoid payment of penalty for late submission.

4.1 Collection of Certificate

● Once you are certain you have fulfilled all your obligations to the University, you can now proceed to Room 8, Academic Affairs Directorate, Ground Floor, Seidu Mustapha Wing to collect your certificate.

● Please make sure your entry qualification has been verified. If that has not been done, the original certificate(s) of your entry qualification will be inspected before your UPSA certificate will be released to you.

● Please note that the academic certificate is issued only once and it is not replaceable. You are advised to make copies and keep the original in a safe place.

Registration as an Alumni – there are many benefits in joining the UPSA Alumni Association. Visit the Alumni Office located on the 1st Floor, Gatehouse, UPSA. As a graduate of the University, you are part of our alumni family and we will like to keep in touch with you.

Congratulations to all the Graduating Students!