To use sports and games to make Staff and Students physical fit mentally alert, socially wholesome and emotionally sound individuals.


1. To provide and make available sports facilities and equipment to Staff and Students for recreational purpose.

2. To endeavour to initiate sports programmes to take care of the individual difference of Staff and Students.

3. To provide high quality sports men and women capable of winning Gold medals during sports competitions.

4. To sustain the interest of Staff and Students in sports activities.

Aims And Objectives

1. Train students to compete in all disciplines during Intra and Inter-Departmental sports and games.

2. Provide opportunity to qualified sports men and women during Inter-Departmental sports and games to take part in GUSA games.

3. Provide year round sports activities for Staff and Students.

4. Provide opportunities for sports men and women develop their skills to an excellent level.

5. Create a link with the security services to help very good sports men and women gain employment after completing their programmes on campus.

Policy For Students Regulating Sports Activities On Campus

1. The use of the basketball, volley ball and tennis courts shall be opened to students of U.P.S.A between the hours of 6:00 am – 10:30 am and 3:30 pm – 6:00 pm on Monday to Friday. On Saturday, the time shall be 5:30 am – 10:30 am and 3:00 pm – 6:30 pm.

2. Sports equipment/supplies such as basketballs, volleyballs, tennis balls, tennis Rackets, stop watches, table tennis board/stands etc, shall be signed for, in the inventory book by a student leader before delivery and signed again on returned of equipment/supplies.

3. Any student who willfully or negligently causes damage to the sports facilities, equipment and supplies will pay for such damage or buy the same type of equipment/supplies damaged.

4. Littering the facility, smoking, drinking of alcoholic beverages, use of illegal drugs, excessive noise making, fighting, use of abusive language are not permitted within the sports facilities. The principal coach reserves the right to suspend any student who goes contrarily to this rule for a period of one month.

5. For the safety of students, appropriate trainers/shoes shall be worn at all times. Students are advised to wear suitable clothing and protective devices at all times as a pre-requisite for sports performance/training.

6. Hall tutors and sports sub-committees of the different halls shall be responsible for the training and selection of sports men and women for inter-hall games/athletics competition. Those who gain qualification into the institute’s sports team shall be trained by qualified technical team headed by the principal coach. Training schedules shall be designed for the use of the sports facilities at the hall level.

7. Students shall be responsible for the safe keeping of their valuable items such as jewellery, mobile phones, cash etc. The University shall not be liable for the lost of such items within the sports facilities.

8. Students are prohibited from using senior members training facilities such as the gymnasium, massage parlour, tennis court, lounge, changing room, viewing terrace, snooker and offices. Nevertheless, students who qualify to compete for the University shall be allowed to use the gymnasium under the strict supervision of the principal coach.

9. Students with special health problems such as asthma, diabetes etc should declare their status for the appropriate work out schedules designed for them.

10. Students would be required to produce identification before allowed the usage of the sports facilities.

11. Sports sub-committee of the halls shall be responsible for the First Aid box to attend to minor injuries during training sessions. Major injuries shall be referred to the University’s clinic and the cost charged to the hall.

12. Sports sub-committee of the halls shall be responsible for the procurement of sport equipment / supplies needed for training prior to sports competitions.

13. The dean of students / heads of department shall be adequately informed in a written letter to exempt sports men / women representing the institute at major sports festivals from quiz and assignments and to organize special quiz and assignment at a later date to be decided by the lecturer.