Vice-Chancellor inspires students of St. Thomas Aquinas Senior High School 

The Vice-Chancellor of the University of Professional Studies, Accra (UPSA), Professor Abednego F. O. Amartey, has urged students of the St. Thomas Aquinas Senior High School in Accra to strive for excellence as they aspire to fulfill their full potentials in life.

He said in rising to the top, they must be committed to acquire what he described as “Life’s CV to success” which he says include the right qualification, skills, experiences, discipline and exposure.

The Vice-Chancellor added that regardless of one’s socio-economic background, it is always possible to attain greatness and make it in life with self-development and adherence to “Life’s CV” principles.

Prof Okoe Amartey, who is an alumnus of the St. Thomas Aquinas School, gave the advice during a pep talk with the students on Wednesday, July 27 as part of a students’ mentorship programme organised by the management of the school.

The Vice-Chancellor of UPSA, Prof. Abednego F. O. Amartey addressing students of the St. Thomas Aquinas School.

“It is not a matter of where you are coming from or [whether] you were born rich, poor, middle class or high class,” Prof Amartey said. “That is not the issue. The issue is what you are going to make out of your life.

“I tell you the future is now and whatever you have to do [to realize your dreams], you have to start it from today. There is no appropriate time or place to pursue your dreams than being here right now because some of us begun our journeys here on this campus and this how far God has brought us.”

In sharing his rocky journey into prominence, Prof. Amartey stressed that whiles acquiring the right qualification is a prerequisite, it is equally essential for the youth to hone their skills and obtain hands-on experience and exposure in order to stay ahead of the game.

“To acquire skill means you must be a master or an expert in something. It means being a professional in an area of specialization,” he said.

To achieve this, he said, one requires training, apprenticeship and constant practice over time to perfect one’s craft.

He charged the students to be disciplined and remain focused in their quest to get to the top of their careers, stressing that “dreams are achievable when you have the courage and the discipline to pursue them.”

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