Welcome to the Faculty of Information Technology and Communication Studies (FITCS) at the University of Professional Studies, Accra.
The Faculty has two main departments, namely the Department of Information Technology Studies and Department of Communication Studies offering academic and professional programmes in Information Technology, Communication and its related areas. Since its establishment, the Faculty has positioned itself as a Faculty of excellence that produces highly competent communication and IT scholars and professionals.

Our Bachelor of Science Degree in Information Technology Management and Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Relations Management have trained and continue to train outstanding graduates who are excelling in various industries in the country and elsewhere in the world. Similarly, our Diploma programme in Public Relations Management and Information Technology Management provides solid technical training to make our graduates competitive in the rapidly changing world of work. More undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in the areas of Advertising, Journalism, Corporate Communication, Information Systems, Health Informatics and Management, Mobile Computing and Applications Development, Media and Digital Communications, Data Science and Analytics, IT Education, Information and Cyber Security are expected to come on-stream in the near future.

At our faculty, we do not just offer degrees to students but equip them with skills to be relevant and ready for industry. We also offer courses that develop the entrepreneurial skills of students to enable them start their own businesses. We give our students the opportunity to constantly interact with key industry players in the various fields of specialization. Taking a course at our faculty is more than the attainment of academic qualification but a process of personal growth and development involving critical thinking and creativity. Consequently, by the time our students are through with their programmes of study, they are industry-ready or able to start their own businesses. We are committed to offering exciting learning experience and strong relationship with present and prospective students.


Dr. Emmanuel Selase Asamoah, Esq.

Ag. Dean