Welcome to the Faculty of Information Technology and Communication Studies (FITCS) at the University of Professional Studies, Accra.

The Faculty has two main departments, namely the Department of Information Technology Studies and Department of Communication Studies offering academic and professional programmes in Information Technology, Communication and its related areas. Since its establishment, the Faculty has positioned itself as a Faculty of excellence that produces highly competent communication and IT scholars and professionals.

Our Bachelor of Science Degree in Information Technology Management and Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Relations Management have trained and continue to train outstanding graduates who are excelling in various industries in the country and elsewhere in the world. Similarly, our Diploma programme in Public Relations Management and Information Technology Management provides solid technical training…

About the Faculty

The Faculty of Information Technology and Communication Studies is situated on the third (3) floor of the Justice Aryeetey Building of the University. The faculty was established in 2008 to provide teaching and learning in Public Relations Management and Information Technology Management. The Faculty has two departments; namely, the Department of Communication Studies and the Department of Information Technology Studies.

Currently, the Faculty runs a Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations, Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Management. It also runs Diploma programmes in Public Relations Management and Information Technology Management. The Faculty is headed by an academic Dean with a Faculty Officer who provides administrative support. The two departments are each headed by an academic Head of Department, each of whom is assisted by a Departmental Officer.

The Faculty of Information Technology and Communication Studies strives to provide students with a stimulating environment for learning and research. One way of achieving this is; student-lecturer ratio is always kept low. Lecturers and academic advisors are willing to provide relevant support to students when needed. Our collaboration with industry practitioners brings practicality to learning experiences in the lecture hall. Regularly, students pay industry visits and undertake internship programmes to acquire practical experience. The faculty’s participating in the university’s Annual Master Class Programme, also brings students into contact with industry giants in the fields of IT and Communication. This ensures that our students combine theory with practice and become relevant and competitive in the labour market.

The Faculty also has a functional Language Centre that provides general linguistic teaching and learning as well as organizing short courses and proof-reading services to the general public.

Quality Statement

Our faculty fully complies with the university’s quality standards spelt out in the Quality Manual. The FITCS is known for training not only scholars but professionals in the fields of IT and Communication that meets contemporary human resource needs. We have a well-tested mechanism to continuously measure and improve our programmes and service delivery. Our students are taken through rigorous formative and summative assessments in their various academic disciplines.

Our Vision

To be a distinguished faculty known for providing unique and excellent education and training in Communication and Information Technology Management.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide excellence in communication and Information Technology education through quality teaching, research and community service.

How we achieve our mission

• Nurturing independent intellectual curiosity, creativity and academic excellence
• Research by our academics is meant to improve practice and advance knowledge
• Forming close ties and collaboration with the professional community for social progress

Our Shared Values

People: Listen to, respect, and care for faculty, staff, students, one another both professionally and personally; Communalism and collaboration with stakeholders including students, parents and alumni; Knowledge generation and sharing.

Innovation: Encourage creative and critical thinking.

Continuous Improvement: Strive for excellence, professionalism.

Our Credo

Efficient communication and IT for professionalism.


The faculty has two main Departments:

Department Information Technology Studies
Department of Communication Studies

Programmes Offered

Undergraduate Programmes

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) Information Technology Management
Bachelor of Arts (B.A) Public Relations Management

Diploma Programmes

*Diploma in Information Technology Management

*Diploma in Public Relations Management

Research Areas


*Artificial Intelligence

*Audience Research

*Crises Communication

*Cyber security

*Diplomatic Relations

*Gender Studies


*Corporate Social Responsibility

*Information Systems

*Language Studies

*Marketing Research

*Media Studies

*New media


*Computer Science


Faculty of Information Technology and Communication Studies

3rd and 4th Floors, Justice Aryeetey building; Rooms 310 /311 /410 /411 /412 / 407 / 408 / 409

P.O. Box LG 149
Accra – Ghana.

Tel: 0303961753