2020: Vol. 12

Individual innovative wok behaviour: does organizational culture and proactive personality matter?
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Corporate social responsibility: tool for building brand equity
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Mine works recruitment policies and the politics of employing women in Ghanaian mine jobs: A critical review
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Effect of corporate social responsibility on customer loyalty among some selected brands of bottled water in Ghana
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The effects of workplace bullying on nurses: Experiences from Ghana
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Assessment of print media reportage on health issues in Ghana: The case of Daily Graphic and Ghanaian Times Newspapers.
Justice, A. S.
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Drafting the eurocurrency loan agreement: A primer for banking professionals and lawyers
Kwaw, E. A
pp. 73-87

Exploring the role of traditional leaders in conflict management in Ghana: Experience from the Gbi traditional area
Agyabeng, A.N.
Pp. 88

2019: Vol. 11

Fisher effect and commercial banks’ lending rates
Tuffour, K. J. & Doe, J. S.

Promoting voluntary positive behaviours in extractive mine business through path-goal leadership
Puni, A., Mohammed, I. & Alesinya, A.
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Solid waste management in Adentan Municipality
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Corruption and bank failure in Ghana
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The value of soft skills on employee recruitment: A Ghanaian manufacturing perspective
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Evaluating credit risk management on profitability of selected commercial banks in Ghana
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Corporate governance and financial performance of rural and community banks in Ghana
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Love relationships among children in selected frican novels
Boateng, C. A.
Pp. 90

2016: Vol. 10

Technical efficiency in cocoa production: Evidence from Twifo Hemang Lower Denkyira, Ghana
Obeng, A. I., Adu. O.K., & Quaidoo, C.
pp. 1-14

A study of the influence of entrepreneurial orientation on the business performance of auto-artisan firms within Lagos State Metropolis.
Rahim, A. G.
pp. 15-30

Mining in green technology space- perspective of multinational mining companies in Ghana
Kilu, R. H.

The Consequences of Positioning Ghanaian Hotels
Abdul Hamid, I. K
pp. 41-51

Achievements of the Financial Stability Oversight Council of United States: Lessons to draw for Ghana
Yelzaalem, M. P.

Effect of export marketing strategy on firm performance
Quansah, F.

Application of code-switching as a marketing strategy in the telecommunication industry in Ghana
Akrong, B. S.

2015: Vol. 9

Do leadership styles matter in microfinance performance? Empirical evidence from Ghana
Tuffour, K. J., Barnor, C. & Akuffo, B. C.
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The relevance of Ghanaian Akan proverbs to explanations of contemporary human resource principles and corporate values
Agyemang, B. C., Asumeng, A. M., Amponsah, B.
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A study exploring the influence of media consumption on body image and beauty among young corporate Ghanaian women in the Greater Accra Region
Adjin-Tettey, T.D., & Bempah, K.
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An examination of the dynamics in the job market in Ghana and the relevance of language to the contemporary business student
Akrong, B. S.
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Perception of performance management and rewards in selected public sector organizations in Ghana: a test of the systems theory
Amoako-Asiedu, E.
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Predictive relationship between motivation and perceived career choice among undergraduate students in Ghana
Puni, A
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Relationship between expansion strategy and growth of charismatic churches in Ghana
Alabi, G., Awudu, H. I. & Duncan, A.E.
pp. 74-84

An evaluation of the contributions of the wood industry to Ghana’s economic development
Quansah, F. & Tandoh-Offin, P.
pp. 85-94

2014: Vol. 8

Examining predictive relationships among consumer values: Factors influencing behavioural intentions in retail purchase in Ghana
Preko, A. & Agbanu, K. S.
pp. 1-17

Judicial construction of termination clauses of employment contracts and conditions of service in Ghana: a critique
Adagewine, G.

Gender, community affairs and public relations practice in Ghanaian mines: A socio-linguistic study of gender and language nuances
Kilu, R. H. & Akrong, B. S.
pp. 33-44

Gender, community affairs and public relations practice in Ghanaian mines: A socio-linguistic study of gender and language nuances
Puni, A.
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The effect of financial leverage on profitability of manufacturing companies listed on the Ghana Stock Exchange
Tuffour, K. J. & Barnor, C.
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Learning and examination strategies: a case study of students of a public university in Ghana
Feglo, M., Preko, A. & Agbanu, K. S.
pp. 66-82

2013: Vol. 7

Capital asset pricing model and variable behaviour in the Nigerian capital market
Nwidobie, B.M.
pp. 1-13

The power to dismiss and the right to be heard under the common law of Ghana: A need for statutory intervention
Adagewine, G.
pp. 14-24

Does age impact self-actualization needs? An empirical study
Gangwar, S., Bhar, S., Nagar, A., Padmaja, K.V. & Bhopal, M.P.
pp. 25-34

The impact of staff-poaching among radio stations in the Kumasi metropolis
Sadat, M. & Alhassan, Y.
pp. 35-49

Risk relievers and customer brand preference in the purchase of cars
Sunitha,T. T., Justus, T. S. F., Ramesh, M. & Felix, A. J. W.
pp. 50-59

An assessment of the dialogic potential of bank websites as a strategic management tool in Ghana

Okoe, A.
pp. 60-69

Determinants of export demand and their stability in Ghana
Osei, B. A., Ofori-Boateng, K., Debone, A. J & Pettershie, B.
pp. 70-83

Relationship between executive leadership styles and financial performance of rural banks in Ghana
Alabi, G. & Duncan, A.E
pp. 84-100

2012: Vol. 6

Understanding corporate social responsibility as implemented by SMEs in Tanzania: The case of the hotel industry
Nandonde. F. A.
pp. 1-13

An empirical assessment of the technical efficiency in some selected hospitals in Nigeria
Sede, P. I., Ohemeng, W.
pp. 14-43

Macroeconomic determinants of private inward remittances in Ghana: An empirical study
Ahiawodzi, A. K.
pp. 44-61

The long-term impact of budget deficits on economic growth in Ghana
Larbi, D. A.
pp. 62-74

An analysis of the effect of external debt on crowding-out of private investment in Ghana
Tuffour, J. K.
pp. 75-85

Economic cost of breast cancer in Ghana: The Komfo Anokye teaching hospital experience Hughes, G., Amoah, A., Ahiabor, G. & Awuah, B.
Pp, 86-104

Capital adequacy and the performance of Ghanaian banks
Barnor, C. Odonkor, T. A.
pp. 105-117

2011: Vol. 5

Influences of product involvement, environmental message and green advertising appeals on consumers’ attitudes towards advertising
Tu, J. C., Kao, T. F. Tu, Y. C. & Chen, H. Y.
pp. 1-8

Institutional evaluation program (IEP) as a governance tool in public higher education institutions in Ghana: A case of the Institute of Professional Studies (IPS)
Alabi, J. & Alabi, G.

The types and occurrence of psychosocial problems of distance education (DE) students: A study of a University in Ghana
Atindanbila, S. & Azasu, E. K.
pp. 38-49

Is the CPM dead or alive? A meta-analytical approach
Mabrouk, H. B. & Bouri, A.
pp. 50-74

Macroeconomic determinants of financial savings in Ghana
Osei, V.
pp. 75-95

Risk management practices: The Ghanaian firms’ perspective
Odonkor, T. A. & Barnor, C.
pp. 96-112

Determinants of willingness-to-pay (WTP) for the restoration and maintenance of Korle Lagoon in Accra, Ghana
Amoah, A.
pp. 113-135

2010: Vol. 4

Organisational justice theory perceptions in performance appraisal system in a Ghanaian tertiary institution
Annan-Prah, E. C.

Owners’ dynamic capabilities and spousal resources in small family businesses: The case of Taiwanese franchisees
Chien, S. Y.

Factors influencing quality of leadership in public higher institutions of learning in Ghana
Alabi, J. & Alabi, G.

South African consumers’ complaint patterns
Shambare, R, Frouws, M. & Naidoo, V.

Switching service providers: Reasons, service types, and sequences
East, R., Muchineripi, R., Outerakou, A., Grandcolas, U. Riley, F. D. & Lomax, W.

The effect of capital adequacy on banks’ performance: Evidence from Nigeria
Okafor, C., Ikechukwu, K. & Adebimpe, U.

Efficiency and productivity change of banks: Evidence from a small island development state
Seetanah, B. & Seeboruth, N.

Firm Growth Dynamics in Africa: Evidence from the Manufacturing Sector in Ghana
Turkson, E.

2009: Vol. 3

Executive stock options compensation: An empirical analysis of determinants in Portugal
Alves, S.

Empirical test of the Ohlson model: Evidence from the Mauritian Equity Market
Subadar, U., Sanassee, R. V., Seetanah, B., Lamport, M. & Lim-Newk-Min, J.

Environmental scanning intensity and firms’ performance in the manufacturing sector in Nigeria
Oghojafor, B. E. A., Kuye, O. L. & Sulaimon, A. A.

An analysis of the relative efficiencies of insurance companies in Nigeria, 2001-2005
Barros, C. P., Ibiwoye, A. & Obijiaku, E.

The impact of the introduction of the automated trading system on the Nigerian Stock Market
Olowe, R. A.

Linking service quality attributes to customer satisfaction in the mobile phone industry in Zimbabwe

An analysis of Yip’s global strategy model, using Coca-Cola strategic leadership model
Alabi, J. Alabi, G. & Richman, D,

2008: Vol. 2

A critique of Sections 28, as Amended, and 29 of the Companies’ Act, 1963 (Act 179)
Adagewine, G.

Trade credit terms and credit practices of selected firms in Accra-Tema Metropolis
Marfo-Yiadom, E.

Factors affecting quality of audit: Empirical evidence from Iran
Salehi, M., Mansoury, A. & Pirayesh, R.

The relationship between work-life-balance and the perception of quality of work life of employees in the electronic industry in Chennai and Bangalore (India)
Kumar, S. M. & Udayasuriyan, G.

An exploratory assessment of quality assurance practices in higher institutions of learning in Ghana
Alabi, G.

Influence of organisational factors on the quality of manufactured products in Ghana
Banuro, F. Y.

Effect of trade openness and foreign direct investment on industry performance in Ghana
Adenutsi, D. E

Theoretical justification of regulating international trade and the implications for developing countries
Ansong, A.

Commercialization of agricultural research products –A case study of farmers’ willingness to pay for hybrid maize
Gyepi-Garbrah, T. F.

A triadic analysis of the relationship between sales-persons characteristics, sales-persons-customer orientation and firm performance in Nigeria
Asikhia, O. U

Interest rate sensitivity of savings: The Ghanaian experience
Ahiawodzi, A. K

2007: Vol. 1

Integrating professional and academic training in contemporary higher education in Ghana
Martey, J. J.
pp. 1-5

An assessment of service quality in three banks operating in Ghana
Okoe, F. A., Puni, A. Alabi, G., & Damnyang, J. B.
pp. 7-19

Revising the standards for financial reporting in Ghana
Appiah-Sokye, G.
pp. 21-29

Donor facilitated strategic business alliances: An assessment of DANIDA’s private sector development programme in Ghana.
Narteh, B.
pp. 31-40

Sectoral analysis of credit mobilization in Ghana
Ahiawodzi, A. K. & Alabi, J.
pp. 41-4

Effects of trade liberalization policy on the performance of small and medium-sized food processing industries in the Greater Accra region of Ghana
Dziwornu, R.K. Sarpong, D. B., & Kwadzo, G. T.M.
pp. 49-59

Effects of real exchange rate uncertainty on private investment in Ghana
Ahiawodzi, A. K. & Bentil, M. M.
pp. 61-72

Employee understanding of organizational values in relation to performance in three Finnish companies
Mattila, M.
pp. 73-84

Implications of using external consultants in diagnosing and managing organizational change
Martey, J. J.
pp. 85-91