About the Journal

Established in 2007, the Journal of Business and Professional Studies (JBPS) (ISSN: 2676-2870), formerly known as the Journal of Business Research (JBR) (ISSN: 0855-0806), is an International journal published by the University of Professional Studies in collaboration with several universities and professional institutions. The journal publishes high quality original research relating to Business and Professional Studies, including but not limited to accounting, marketing, banking, law, information technology, and communication, which are refereed by Specialists and Experts in the fields of Business Management and the related fields.

Aim and Scope

The Journal, the mouth piece of the scholarship and professional community, seeks to promote and disseminate knowledge which addresses issues of business in developing economies.

Article types

Manuscript submitted to JBPS can be one of the following: empirical, conceptual, review, research note, and commentary.


The Editor-in-Chief: Professor Nathan K. Austin
Journal of Business and Professional Studies
UPSA, Legon, Accra.
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