Welcome to the Faculty of Management Studies.

The year 2020 was a challenging one, in a world confronted with a global pandemic. As a result, the University and the Faculty has been innovating to respond to the dynamics and the emerging trends in teaching and learning.
We are hopeful of the opportunities that are inherent in the year 2021. Consequently, the Faculty of Management Studies (FMS), will continue to offer a competitive teaching and learning experience for its students through the provision of relevant academic and professional programmes. The programmes in the Faculty are offered through two Departments, Business Administration and Marketing.

The peculiarities in the world of work today calls for creative, dynamic, and relevant teaching and learning approaches that sufficiently prepare and equip students with the appropriate knowledge and skills to remain relevant in the world of work. We recognize the evolution in the world of work today, and therefore we leave no stone unturned to systematically, intentionally, and strategically position our students…

About the Faculty

The FMS ensures that all the critical stages in the value chain of teaching and learning are not compromised in any way. We ensure that the required teaching teams are constituted for courses delivered through team teaching. The teaching Faculty creates a congenial atmosphere that ensures effective student-lecturer interactions, teaching and learning. The Faculty is very particular about quality standards; therefore, it ensures that the appropriate student-lecturer ratios are obtained for effective teaching and learning. Relevant resources, skills, and tools are also deployed in the delivery of courses. The FMS has a business incubator that runs various training modules to help students with viable business ideas to shape and pitch them before prospective investors for scale-up opportunities.

The Faculty collaborates with key stakeholders and industry players, both nationally and internationally. These stakeholders are involved at various levels including the review of new and existing programmes. In the area of research, the FMS looks forward to strengthening its collaboration through its Centre for Sustainability, Law, and Policy, the research fund, and the business incubator. Thus, the synergy that exist between us and our partners ensures that appropriate feedback is received for the programmes we run and our students have access to internship opportunities that give them an edge over students from other institutions.

Students and Admissions

Admissions to the Faculty is competitive. We are continuously innovating to create more opportunities for students to respond to the increasing demand for admissions to our programmes. Student life on campus is rewarding. In addition to the serene academic environment, students are exposed to a wide range of engaging and conducive environment that helps to bring the best out of them.

Quality Statement

The Faculty of Management Studies of the University of Professional Studies, Accra (UPSA) was established to provide both academic and professional education to the country. Quality is important to our Faculty because we value our students. We strive to provide our students with courses which meet and even exceed their expectations. We are committed to continuous improvement and have established Quality Management Systems, which provide a framework for measuring and improving our performance. Our internal procedures are reviewed regularly and held in a Quality Manual which is made available to employees.

Strategic Focus

• Redefine the Business Graduate
We start by taking a stand on the cultural principles that are ours. We then change the core, elective, and experiential curriculum to deliver our archetype innovative leader.
• Realize Our Intellectual Future
We are distinguished by deep grounding in the academic disciplines, which attracts the world’s top faculty, and by pulling together this disciplinary strength to create leaders of uncommon character and innovative capability.
• Transform Our UPSA Campus
We will make investment in new facilities that address the past game-changing developments. The first shift is from course instruction to learning beyond the classroom. The second is from simply earning degrees early in one’s career to learning that is whole-career.

Our Vision

We envision an educational culture grounded actively in service to the university community and our stakeholders: embodying honesty, cooperation, and delight in diversity and self-responsibility. The vision recognizes the interdependence of all beings and support for all in the provision and acquisition of knowledge.

Our Mission

The mission of the Management Faculty is to create an environment where the values of the University community reinforce self-acceptance in education and acceptance of diversity globally, and promote an environment founded in collaboration, support for educational gathering, workshops, seminars and lectures.

Our Shared Values

We all strive towards a unique state worthy of:
• Embracing group diversity
• Supporting personal growth
• Fostering a sense of responsible community living

Our Credo

• We are respectful and supportive of each member’s dignity.
• We are dedicated in creating an atmosphere of togetherness in the spirit of honesty, love and service.




• Master of Business Administration in Corporate Governance
• Master of Business Administration in Marketing
• Master of Philosophy in Leadership
• Master of Science in Leadership
• Master of Business Administration in Total Quality Management


• BSc Marketing degree programme
• Bachelor of Business Administration undergraduate programme


• Tertiary Diploma in Marketing
• Tertiary Diploma in Management