UPSA Global Alumni Executives visit graduate students to encourage membership

The executives of the UPSA Global Alumni Association have been interacting with graduate students in their lecture rooms as part of efforts to expand the association’s membership.

The Alumni President, Mr Francis Dadzie, who was accompanied by the Dean of the Graduate School, Prof Samuel Antwi, and some other executives of the Association, visited the lecture rooms of several different departments, including accounting and finance, management and communications.

Mr. Dadzie spoke to the students about the benefits of joining the alumni association, which included access to a wide network of professionals in their fields, job opportunities and social events.

He emphasized the importance of staying connected with the University and fellow alumni, regardless of the distance or the time that one graduated, stressing that the alumni association was a valuable resource that could provide lifelong support to its members.

Alumni President, Mr Francis Dadzie, engaging some of the graduate students in class.


The graduate students were delighted to have executives of the association in their classrooms. They asked them questions about the organization and its activities, and the president provided them with detailed information about the association’s programmes and initiatives.

A number of the students signed up for the association on the spot, while others expressed interest in attending future events and getting involved in the association’s activities.

The visit by executives was seen as a significant outreach effort by the alumni association, which has been trying to increase its membership among graduate students in recent years.

Dean Antwi commended the alumni body for its initiative and commitment to engaging with the student body.

“We are grateful for the alumni association’s efforts to connect with our graduate students and help them build their careers,” he said. “This is an excellent example of how alumni can play an active role in supporting the next generation of scholars and professionals.”





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