Reschedule of Course Registration Period for the Second Semester – 2021/2022 Academic Year



All students and the University community are hereby informed that due to some system upgrade work being carried out, access to the Students’ Information Management System (USIS) has been temporarily disrupted. This invariably, affected students’ course registration and other activities.

We wish to further announce that the upgrade work has been completed. Consequently, course registration for the Second Semester-2021/2022 academic year for all students of the University has been re-scheduled to start from Monday, 14th March, 2022 and end on Friday, 15th April, 2022.

All postgraduate, undergraduate and diploma students are, therefore, reminded to proceed with their course registration as follows:

1. Pay and disburse the appropriate fees for the semester.

2. Follow the link to register courses for the Second Semester.

3. Print out two (2) copies of Proof of Registration Slip upon successful completion of the on-line registration.

4. On-line Resit Registration (optional) – after the course registration, you may now pay and disburse for resit registration provided you have any second semester paper(s) you wish to resit. Return to the USIS student’s portal to do the resit registration and generate the proof of registration.

5. Submit the Proof of Registration Slips to your Department Officer for endorsement after which one (1) copy of the slip will be given back to you. Weekend Students are, nonetheless, requested to carry out the same process at the Weekend School Secretariat. Step 4 completes the process of registration.

Please note that the change in the period for course registration does not in any way affect the arrangement for teaching that is progressing unabated.



Anthony Afeadie

Ag. Director of Academic Affairs

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