Re-Opening for First Semester – 2023/2024 Academic Year for Masters, Undergraduate & Diploma Students

This comes to inform all Masters (First Year), Undergraduate (Level 200-400) and Diploma (Second Year) students that the University will re-open for the first semester – 2023/2024 academic year as follows:
1. Registration

Course registration for the first semester – 2023/2024 academic year has started in earnest and it is expected to end on Saturday, 30th September, 2023.

Students are required to follow the steps below to complete their course registration:
• Step 1: Log into interpay to disburse the appropriate fees paid at any Access Bank branch

• Step 2: Proceed with the on-line course registration. Access the on-line course registration portal by logging into Print out two (2) copies of the proof of registration slip upon successful completion of the on-line registration.

• Step 3: On-line Resit Registration (optional)

After the course registration, pay and disburse for your resit registration if you have any first semester paper (s) you wish to resit. Return to your USIS student’s portal to do your resit registration and generate a new proof of registration. Please skip this step if you do not have any paper to resit. Students who have completed their studies but have papers to resit should, however, visit Room 7, Mustapha Wing, to do so.

• Step 4: Submit the proof of registration slips to your Department Officer for endorsement after which one (1) copy of the slip will be given back to you.

2. Teaching

Teaching activities for the first semester-2023/2024 academic year will start on Monday, 2nd October, 2023.

The detailed academic calendar for the first semester-2023/2024 academic year could be found on the University’s website (

All students are to take note of the dates specified for the various activities and comply accordingly.


Anthony Afeadie
Director of Academic Affairs


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Director, ISTD
Director, PAD
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