Dr. Michael Kwame Mickson

Faculty: Management Studies
Department: Business Administration
Dr. Michael Mickson is a resourceful and results-driven Lecturer at the Department of Business Administration, Faculty of Management Studies, UPSA.

Prior to joining the University of Professional Studies, Accra, Dr. Mickson worked as a Human Resource and Training Officer in the Banking Sector. During his stay with one of the Banks, he developed an Excel module for keeping training records before the introduction of an HR software. He attended series of training programmes at the National Banking College, Chartered Institute of Bankers and other External Training Providers to develop his professional competencies. He has also worked as HR Manager for Tulip Inn Accra Hotel, a three-star Hotel close to the Airport. He assisted in formulating key strategies to improve room occupancy rates and staff efficiency. With a background in academia and industry he is able to develop his students to become relevant to the industry where they find themselves.

Dr. Mickson was formerly a Coordinator for MBA programmes at the School of Graduate Studies of the University. He has a successful track record of developing best practices that facilitates more efficient processes and creating strong cohesive teams capable of independently achieving operational directives and targets, and he seeks to develop new interventions to improve upon organizational effectiveness.

Dr. Mickson’s research interest is in Leadership and Human Resources where he has jointly published articles with other researchers on employee job satisfaction and leadership styles.

At UPSA, he lectures in courses in Organizational Behaviour and Management, Business Leadership and Ethics, and Advanced Human Resources Management, among others.