Lawrence Offei Asare

Faculty: Management Studies
Department: Business Administration
Mr. Lawrence Offei Asare is a lecturer at the Department of Business Administration, Faculty of Management Studies, UPSA, and the Coordinator of the MBA Corporate Governance programme at the School of Graduate Studies (SOGS), UPSA. He holds an MPhil degree in Public Administration from the University of Ghana (UG) in addition to BBA degree from UPSA. He is currently a Ph.D. candidate in Public Administration and Policy Management at the University of Ghana.

Prior to joining UPSA, Mr. Asare lectured for four years at the Methodist University College Ghana (MUCG) and served in the capacity as Graduate and Teaching Assistant at the University of Ghana Business School (UGBS) and UPSA for a period of four (4) years. Mr. Asare has also tutored at the University of Ghana Distance Learning Centre since 2012. He has considerable experience working as marketing executive with internet service providers, Africa Online Ghana Ltd. and Accelon Ghana Ltd. now Internet Solutions (IS). He has also served as a pastor since 1997 in Ghana and the UK.

Mr. Asare’s research interest includes public policy implementation, collaborative governance, public sector management, electronic governance, tourism-poverty reduction nexus and environmental sustainability. Among the range of courses taught over the years, Mr. Asare teaches public administration, development administration, public policy management, principles of management, industrial relations, human resource management and planning, entrepreneurship and innovation management, organisational development, strategic management, and environmental management.