Kingsley K. Anagba

Faculty: Management Studies
Department: Business Administration
Mr. Kingsley K. Anagba is a Lecturer at the Department of Business Administration, Faculty of Management Studies, UPSA. Mr. Anagba holds an MPhil degree in Operations Management from the University of Ghana and a BSc Marketing from UPSA.

Prior to joining UPSA, Mr. Kingsley Anagba was an Adjunct Lecturer in the Department of Banking and Finance, UPSA, lecturing Micro and Macro Economics. He also served as a Graduate Assistant at the University of Ghana Business School (UGBS) in the Department of Operations and Management Information System (OMIS) where he taught Research Methods. Mr. Anagba’s philosophy in teaching, is to mentor and train students to make perceptible difference in their various endeavours. His specific areas in Management are Operations Management, Project Management, Risk Management and Supply Chain Management, and he teaches the same at UPSA.