Dr. Fred Awaah

Faculty: Management Studies
Department: Business Administration

Dr. Fred Awaah, is a Lecturer at the Department of Business Administration, University of Professional Studies, Accra (UPSA). He holds an MPhil degree in Public Administration from the University of Ghana. He lectures in Public Administration, Leadership and Global Dimensions of Business at the University of Professional Studies, Accra, Ghana.

Dr. Awaah has delivered invited lectures at Botho University (Botswana and Lesotho), Crawford University (Nigeria), Millennium Campus Network (USA), UNESCO’s Institute of African Culture and International Understanding and the Centre for Human Security (Nigeria). With over 60 international conferences to his credit, Mr. Awaah has presented papers, rapporteured, chaired sessions or facilitated conferences across the African continent.

Dr. Awaah has previously helped with the work of the education divisions of the African Union, European Union, Association of African Universities, UNESCO, DAAD, Trust Africa, MasterCard Foundation and many African governments; with membership on the Tuning Africa Policy advisory group from 2013-2016. He has written/published peer reviewed journal articles, book chapters, technical reports, conference proceedings and has contributed to the academic corruption literature in Africa; mainly in the areas of sexually transmitted grades, student and lecturer related academic corruption and dots of newspaper opinions on the Continental Education Strategy for Africa, the Africa Union’s Agenda 2063, student governance, pan Africanism, and other topical areas related to the continent.

He holds membership with the National Association of Science Research Teachers (USA) and has research interests in public administration, higher education, academic corruption and STEM education. His community services span the continent with evident services to many countries.