Anthony S. Kumasey

Senior Lecturer (Vice-Dean of Students)
Faculty: Management Studies
Department: Business Administration

Dr. Anthony Sumnaya Kumasey is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Business Administration, Faculty of Management Studies, UPSA, Ghana. He obtained his PhD from the University of Manchester, United Kingdom and has over ten years of teaching experience in higher institutions of learning.

His research interests span a number of areas including Entrepreneurship Education, Public Administration, Organizational Behaviour, Ethics and Leadership and Development Management and has taught related courses. Dr. Kumasey’s publications have appeared in top-tier journals including International Review of Administrative Sciences (IRAS), International Journal of Public Sector Management (IJPM), and Public Administration and Development.

He also serves as an ad-hoc reviewer to a number of top-rated journals. Furthermore, Dr. Kumasey is an Honorary Fellow of the University of Manchester. Dr. Kumasey is a Queen Elizabeth the Second (QES) - Advance Scholar, seconded to the University of New Brunswick as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow to support the development of Entrepreneurship Education in UPSA. Currently, he is the Faculty of Management Studies Research Officer.