Maiden Inaugural Lecture Features Prof. Goski Alabi

The University of Professional Studies Accra (UPSA) has held its first inaugural lecture by hosting Professor of Quality Management and Leadership (Mrs.) Goski Alabi. The lecture titled Quality of Higher Education in Ghana reflected tireless years of research and analysis as she dissected the problem of high unemployment among university graduates and its relationship to Ghana’s inadequate higher education system.

Prof. Goski Alabi who is also the Dean of the Centre for International Education and Collaboration (CIEC) at UPSA noted that  although Ghana has freed itself from colonial control, its education system is yet to be emancipated. “We need to create an educational system that is distinctively Ghanaian, yet globally adaptive and competitive”, she said.

Prof. Alabi made bold assertions and powerful recommendations to help break the “colonialist jail on education” and remedy the “self-limiting thought syndrome” that has stifled graduates’ potential for innovation and critical thinking needed to move the Ghanaian job market and development agenda forward.  She recommends that the higher education system must be re-evaluated and restructured along the four dimensions of quality (relevance, recognition, functionality, and comparability).

She challenged the leadership of UPSA as well as governing bodies of higher education in Ghana to prioritize these changes.

With the angelic voices of the UPSA choir, full audience, and cultural drummers and dancers, the electric atmosphere severed as the perfect complement to the captivating lecture by Professor Alabi.

The lecture was attended by distinguished guests from Ghana and around the world including the UPSA faculty, the King and traditional leaders from Professor Mrs. Alabi’s hometown in Nungua, dignitaries, and academics from other universities.

Professor Goski Alabi’ s new book “ Managing for Excellence and in the 21st Century, the Total Quality Approach” published by Author House will be launched in May 2017 and can be read for more of her views and recommendations on quality improvement.

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