Internship Simulation Workshop (ISW)

All undergraduate Level 300 (excluding LLB) and Diploma Level 100 students who are prospective final year students of the 2021/2022 academic year must note that in place of INDUSTRY OR FIELD INTERNSHIP, students will instead be required to participate in an INTERNSHIP SIMULATION WORKSHOP (ISW).

The ISW which is structured into modules will expose students to the realities of the world of work through simulations and scenario-based analysis by the application of concepts and theories they have learnt to practical situations. In that regard, the aforementioned category of students must note of the following:

  1. The ISW modules will be offered through simulated and interactive sessions via UPSA-Virtual and Zoom during the long vacation.
  2. The modules are:

▪ MODULE 1: Time Management

▪ MODULE 2: Customer Service Skills

▪ MODULE 3: Presentation Skills

▪ MODULE 4: Communication Skills Training

▪ MODULE 5: Leadership Training

▪ MODULE 6: Emotional Intelligence

▪ MODULES 7 – 10: Specialised topics to be delivered by the various departments based on programme being offered.

  1. Students will be required to participate in activities by asynchronous mode and occasionally real-time via zoom.
  2. There will be end-of-module activities including interactive forum discussions, objectives assignments and case study reports. All activities shall be graded.
  3. The details of the modules such as time schedules, contents and materials, activities, grading scheme, resource persons, contacts, zoom links, etc, will be posted in the respective programmes on UPSA-Virtual.
  4. You can access the course on the link:
  5. Use the passphrase ISW2021 as the enrolment key if you are required to do so.


Thank you.



Anthony Afeadie

Ag. Director, Academic Affairs

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