GRASAG-UPSA donates toiletries and sanitizers to Graduate School

The UPSA Chapter of the Graduate Students’ Association of Ghana (GRASAG-UPSA) has donated essential items to the School of Graduate Studies of the University of Professional Studies, Accra.

The donation, estimated to have cost GHS51,000, comprises toiletries, 100 boxes of tissue papers, 65 gallons of 5-litre hand sanitizers, and 15 gallons of liquid soap.

During the presentation, the President of GRASAG-UPSA, Eunice Pobee, stated that the gesture aimed to complement the UPSA Graduate School’s efforts to improve the sanitary conditions in the students’ washrooms.

She further added that the donation was part of the Association’s commitment to promoting good hygiene practices among graduate students.

“We strongly believe that as executives of GRASAG, it is our responsibility to make meaningful contributions towards the betterment of graduate students,” Ms Pobee said.

“And what better time to do this than at a critical time in the lives of students when hygiene practices have become more important than ever, given the post pandemic situation?”

Some of the water dispenser bottles donated by the Association.


Furthermore, she mentioned that GRASAG-UPSA intends to continue with their weekly water supply to graduate students throughout the Second Semester.

This initiative has been ongoing since the current executives took office in September 2022. The Association supplies 40 water dispenser bottles to graduate students every week to ensure that they have access to safe drinking water while attending lectures.

Prof. Samuel Antwi, the Dean of the Graduate School, who received the items on behalf of the School of Graduate Studies (SOGS), expressed his gratitude to the Association for the gesture and pledged to put the items to good use.

He stressed that the donation from GRASAG-UPSA demonstrates a commitment to supporting the University’s efforts to promote hygiene and improve the welfare of graduate students.

He also encouraged them to make more such donations in the future.




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