Don’t compromise on your values – Rev. Appiagyei tells UPSA fresh students

The Head Pastor of the Trinity Baptist Church Worldwide, Rev Kingsley Appiagyei, has advised newly admitted students of the University of Professional Studies, Accra (UPSA) to be intentional about the choices they make in life and not compromise on their values.

He urged the students to stay true to their values in the pursuit of academic and personal success.

“Life is not about how you start, but how you finish well,” Rev. Appiagyei remarked, emphasizing the significance of self-discipline and committing to a good cause.

The renowned man of God gave the advice during the 2024 matriculation thanksgiving service held on Sunday, March 3, where he was the special guest preacher.

Rev. Kingsley Appiagyei addressing fresh students at the 2024 matriculation thanksgiving service.


Delivering a sermon on the theme “Choosing to finish well with an excellent spirit,” Rev Appiagyei cautioned the students against distractions that could derail their academic progress.

He urged them to remain focused and committed to completing their educational journey, despite the myriad of distractions that may arise.

“There are many people in the Bible who started well and yet didn’t end well,” he said. “So I urge you to be intentional about your choices and make quality decisions.

A cross-section of some first-year students at the thanksgiving service.


“God has earmarked you for greatness, so do not compromise on your values. This is the time for you to make a strong decision not to defile or contaminate yourself while here on campus.”

Rev. Appiagyei, known for his profound insights into education and character development, urged the fresh students to prioritize their principles and maintain unwavering commitment to their academic journey.

He emphasized that for students to “finish well” in their academic pursuits, it is imperative for them to choose friends who have vision, faith in God, and a willingness to learn.

A group of students exhibiting their dance skills in utmost praise to God.


He urged the students to dedicate themselves wholeheartedly to their studies, reminding them that their academic journey would shape their future endeavours.

“I have high regards for UPSA and its ability to churn out great minds and global business leaders. Therefore, I urge you all to strive for academic excellence. For it is the foundation upon which your future achievements will be built,” he said.

Rev Appiagyei further exhorted the students to cultivate a closer relationship with God, urging them to embrace both the challenges and opportunities that await them.

A section of senior officials of UPSA.


He said that with spiritual grounding, the students will be empowered to navigate their academic journey with purpose and unwavering determination.

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