Dean of Students launches Best Dressed Student Award scheme

The University of Professional Studies, Accra, on Monday launched a student award scheme to celebrate and recognise students who dress decently and professionally on campus.

The Best-dressed Student Award, initiated by the Office of the Dean of Students, is a monthly award scheme that seeks to inspire confidence, celebrate uniqueness, and encourage students to express themselves authentically.

The initiative also aims to promote a positive and inclusive campus culture that appreciates scholarship with professionalism and to inculcate in the students a sense of decent dressing during their stay on campus.

Two students were adjudged winners for the month of February.

They are Duke Akomdo Dugbatey and Patricia Enam Fiadoyor, both first-year Accounting and Finance students.

For their prizes, they received some cash, books, and souvenirs.

The winners were voted upon by members of a selection committee, consisting of student representatives, course representatives, and hall representatives after they were nominated by their colleagues.

Criteria for nomination include professional appearance, decency, personal grooming, and adherence to the UPSA dress code.

“The UPSA dress code is considered as the set of guidelines and standards for dressing, while personal grooming identifies students within the UPSA community as business scholars and professionals,” Dr Philomena Dadzie, the Dean of Students, explained.

Duke Akomdo Dugbatey and Patricia Enam Fiadoyor, maiden recipients of the Best-dressed Student Awards.


“A professional look includes one’s clothes, make-up, hair, accessories, and all that works together to create a flawless image for the individual.

“The dress and grooming requirements for both men and women should always be modest, neat, clean, and not distracting, but consistent with the dignity of scholarship and professionalism.”

Dr. Philomena Dadzie believes the initiative will play a vital role in enriching the university experience for students, contributing to their personal and academic growth while also enhancing the overall campus culture and community spirit.

“The Best-dressed Students Award will not only celebrate individuals but also foster a sense of community and positive engagement within UPSA,” she said.


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