Cultivate strong networks to succeed in life – Kwami Sefa Kayi tells UPSA graduates

Ace broadcast journalist, Kwami Sefa Kayi, has advised fresh graduates of the University to build strong contacts with various industry professionals to boost their chances of excelling in their chosen fields of endeavour.

He noted that in addition to cultivating the right professional network, the new graduates must be flexible, agile, deliberate and versatile in adapting to change and taking advantage of opportunities that comes their way.

He said as young graduates, “your network can make or break you.”

Mr Kayi was speaking at the Second Session of the 14th Congregation of the University of Professional Studies, Accra (UPSA) where he was the Congregation Speaker.

Sharing lessons from his professional journey, the Peace FM Morning Show host said one must be deliberate in choosing his or her circle of friends.

“Deliberately developing a network takes time, effort and a lot of hard work. [It means] you identify [people] who can help your upward journey, and you connect, you cultivate and you maintain,” he said.

“Deliberate also means you sit with a pen and paper, make a list of different fields and who you know in those fields – [be it] academia, media, hospitality, healthcare, fashion, finance and investment, engineering, travel, public sector, private sector and what have you.”

He however cautioned young graduates against falling for the temptation of developing parasitic relationships, which he says, are often unhealthy and tend to benefit just one party.

“As you step out there into the real world, remember, networks have memories. Networks don’t take kindly to being used and discarded. Your network must be a trampoline for you. Also remember your network can launch you into the air and catch you when you come down.”

The multiple award-winning journalist further implored graduands to use the knowledge and skills acquired to create employment opportunities for themselves and others as they hatch from the confines of the university and launch into the world.

“My dear graduands, as you step out of this auditorium, I entreat you to build your own doors. Don’t always wait for opportunities to come knocking at your door.

“Consider time to be your ally and use the skills and degrees you have worked very hard for over the past few years to also build and open doors for others who may be able to walk through and become successful.”

He noted that life is a learning curve, and graduates like the proverbial cockerel must learn to keep crowing in order to perfect their craft.

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