CIEC and Volda University College launch joint book project

The Centre for International Education and Collaboration (CIEC) of the University of Professional Studies, Accra, (UPSA) on Monday, February 20, launched a joint book project in collaboration with Volda University College of Norway.

The joint book project aims to provide UPSA faculty members with the opportunity to collaborate with researchers in universities abroad to work on research topics that will positively impact society.

The thematic areas for the book project include the impact and role of foreign direct investments from China to Ghana and the impact of the importation of second-hand clothing Ghana’s garment industry.

The Director of the CIEC, Prof. Abigail Opoku Mensah, said the partnership with Volda University will afford UPSA faculty members the opportunity to work closely with international researchers while further strengthening the University’s international relationships.

She added that selected faculty members would be expected to contribute at least a chapter each to the book at the end of the project.

“The project will help our faculty members increase their number of publications while contributing to the body of knowledge,” Prof Opoku Mensah said.

Project lead and researcher at Volda University College, Prof. Dr. Nathalie Homlong, expressed her excitement about the partnership, adding that she looked forward to a fruitful project.

Prof Homlong lauded UPSA for its deliberate efforts to improve the research output of the University.

Prof. Dr. Homlong was accompanied by Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Springler, from the University of Applied Sciences BFI Vienna, in Austria. Prof. Springler described the joint book project as fascinating and a welcome opportunity.

The book project seminar event was held under the theme “Aspects of Sustainable Development in Ghana.”



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