Call for Abstracts | ICBMED 2022


The University of Professional Studies, Accra (UPSA) invites submissions for the 7th edition of its annual International Conference on Business Management and Entrepreneurial Development (ICBMED) 2022 on the theme “Digital transformation: A catalyst for accelerated business development and economic growth”


Digitalization is attracting more and more interest among scholars, practitioners and policymakers. This is because digitalization is not only changing the business landscape, but also affecting government, public administration, universities, and society at large. This transformation has led to the digitalization of individuals (i.e., the increased use of digital technologies in the lives of individual users), organizations (i.e., digitalization of work and the business environment), and societies (i.e., the digital economy).

The continuous use of these digital technologies is increasingly reshaping human perceptions, actions, and environments, offering a myriad of benefits including connectivity, enhanced decision-making, increased productivity, and economic growth. Aside from the undoubted numerous opportunities and benefits of digital transformation, its complete impact on businesses and economies particularly in developing countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, for example, remain unfurling.

Consequently, government and policymakers are exploring various avenues to digitally transform their economies. For example, the government of Ghana, in recent times, has embarked on a digital transformation and infrastructural development programme to bridge the digital gap in the Ghanaian economy and to harness the positive externalities associated with digitalization. It is, therefore, imperative for researchers and scholars to turn our attention to understanding the implications that digitalization poses for business and society, particularly, in sub-saharan Africa. Among other things, important research questions regarding the overarching role of digital transformation in economic and business development in Sub-Saharan Africa demand research attention.

Against this background, this conference seeks to provide an interdisciplinary platform for researchers, business practitioners, policymakers and educators to discuss and explore the issues relevant to the conference theme. Prospective contributors are encouraged to submit an extended abstract that address the conference theme or fit into one of the following conference tracks but not limited to the conference theme and the specific tracks. Authors who are uncertain of the appropriate track for their submissions should submit their abstracts to the ‘General Management track’ or contact the conference coordinator ([email protected])

Track 1 : Digital Transformation Management
Track 2 : Digitalization and Business Development
Track 3 : Law and Governance in the Digital Economy
Track 4 : Digital Accounting and Finance services
Track 5 : Business Strategy in the Digital Environment
Track 6 : Digital Marketing
Track 7 : Information Technology and Digitalization
Track 8 : HRM and Industrial Relations in the Digital Economy
Track 9 : Digitization of Agribusiness
Track 10 : Tourism and Environment in the Digital Economy
Track 11 : Media and Communication in the Digital Economy
Track 12 : Digital Entrepreneurship
Track 13 : General Management
Track 14 : PhD and Graduate Student Papers

PhD and Graduate Student Papers

PhD and Graduate students are encouraged to submit their papers to Track 14: PhD and Graduate Student Paper. This track will provide PhD and graduate students the opportunity to share their work with current and future colleagues. Attending the conference will provide participating students with the opportunity to network with experienced leading scholars.


All accepted and presented abstracts will be published in a book of abstracts and on the University’s website. By submitting an abstract, authors give consent and authorize the Scientific Committee to publish their abstracts.

Authors who wish to publish their papers are encouraged to submit their full papers to the Journal of Business and Professional Studies for consideration in a special edition on the conference theme. The Journal of Business and Professional Studies is a prestigious international peer-review journal published by the University of Professional Studies, Accra. Authors are to note that presenting their papers at the ICBMED Conference does not guarantee an automatic acceptance for publication in the Journal of Business and Professional Studies.


● Blended – In-person and virtual



● We hereby welcome authors interested in presenting papers during the 7th ICBMED – 2022 to submit an extended abstract of their research works (only in MS Word) through

● The deadline for the submission of abstracts is 15th March, 2022.

● The extended abstracts should not exceed 4 pages (including tables, figures and references) and should follow the following structure. There is flexibility as to the naming of the sections. Sub-headings can be used when necessary.
i. Title of the paper

ii. Author(s) full name

iii. Authors affiliation and email address

iv. Abstract (Not exceeding 250 words)

v. Introduction (Purpose/aım & background)
This section should (1) present the scope and objective of the paper and state the problem, (2) briefly review the relevant literature, (3) provide a summary of the main results of the work.

vi. Methodology
The methodology must be clearly stated and described in sufficient detail or with sufficient references.

vii. Fındıngs/results
The findings (or results) of the work should be explicitly described and illustrated. Supporting figures, tables and images of the results (no more than one figure and one table) may be included in the extended abstract. If the study has resulted in significant results then the author(s) should provide a brief overview of expected results along the lines of the hypothesis set.

viii. Conclusıons
Conclusions should include (1) the principles and generalisations inferred from the results, (2) any exceptions to, or problems with these principles and generalisations, (3) conclusions drawn and recommendations.

ix. References
References should be listed in alphabetical order and presented in a format according to APA 6th Style.


Conference date: 13th-14th April, 2022
Deadline for submission of extended abstracts: 15th March, 2022
Notice of acceptance of abstracts: 30th March, 2022



Office: J. J. Martey Block, TF06 (3rd Floor), UPSA
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: +233(0)261717238; +233(0) 26 214 9431; +233(0)553293210

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