Prof. John K.M. Mawutor
Pro Vice-Chancellor

Prof. John Kwaku Mensah Mawutor is an astute professional Accounting and Finance practitioner with over seventeen (17) years of experience in higher education and the financial sector. In September 2022, Governing Council appointed Dr. John Kwaku Mensah Mawutor as the incoming Pro-Vice-Chancellor of the University of Professional Studies, Accra (UPSA) from January 2023.

As an Associate Professor of Accounting, his experience spans Governance, Accounting, and Finance. He has also served on several university statutory committees. Currently, Prof. Mawutor’s research area focuses on capital flight in Ghana and Sub-Saharan African countries. He is also a passionate anti-corruption crusader. He is an Associate member of the Institute of Fraud Examiners (USA), a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants Ghana (ICAG), and has been a member of the University’s Academic Board as well as a member of the Executive Committee.

Before his appointment as a Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Mawutor served as the Dean of Graduates Studies for six years (2016-2022). Under his leadership, he collaborated with other faculties of the university community to develop and expand graduate programmes from nine (9) in 2016 to twenty-one (21) in 2022. He also facilitated the contribution of over Ninety-Two Million Ghana Cedis (GH92,852,703.14) in “Internally Generated Funds (IGF). This figure constitutes 22.26 percent (22.26%) of the total IGF realized by the University from 2016 to 2022. In addition to this direct income, he also accessed funds in the area of Grants, formulation of short courses, and the development of academic programs to sustain the financial performance of UPSA.

Prof. Mawutor also served as programme coordinator at the School of Graduate Studies (UPSA). As a Lecturer, he joined the Institute of Professional Studies-IPS in 2006 as a teaching assistant and progressed through the ranks of the University to become Associate Professor. He taught courses at all levels and professional programmes as well as specialized certificate programmes mounted by the University in the area of financial reporting, corporate reporting, management accounting, financial management, corporate finance, principles of accounting, advanced financial accounting, fraud examination, corporate governance, and research methods.

Currently, he is the Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Abokobi Area Rural Bank, and a member of the Coastal Development Authority Board. In addition to these governing boards, Prof. Mawutor also served as a member of the Finance and Administration (F&A) committee member of the Coastal Development Authority from 2017-2020, Chairman of District Finance committee (Church of Pentecost, 2012-2018), Trustee of Ghana Education Trust Fund (GETfund, 2009-2015), Representative of NUGS to the United Nations Youth Assembly (2009-2011).

Prof. John Kwaku Mensah Mawutor holds a Doctor of Finance degree from the SMC University (Swiss), Masters’ degree from the Wisconsin International University College (Ghana) and a professional certificate from the Institute of Chartered Accountants, Ghana (University of Professional Studies, Accra). He also holds a Postgraduate diploma certificate in Management of Higher Institutions from the Galilee Management Institute (Israel), Certified Quantitative Risk Management (CQRM-UK), Diploma in Higher Education (Zhejiang University, China).

As a researcher and an academic with a penchant for practically oriented research, Prof. John Kwaku Mensah Mawutor has published in several indexed and ranked journals. His publications have been accepted and published by Journals ranked by Australian Business Deans Council (ABDC) and Scopus. He has also presented several papers at several conferences and seminars. He is a regular writer in Ghana’s premier newspaper publishing firm (Daily Graphic) on finance and accounting-related issues. Prof. Mawutor has also authored one (1) Book. Currently, Prof. Mawutor’s research area focuses on capital flight in Ghana and Sub-Sahara African countries.

He served as UPSA Alumni President for eight years. He is also a regular Television panelist on Ghana Broadcasting Corporation, Media General, Kesben TV, Pentecost TV, TV3, GHONE TV and a host of other TV and radio programmes.

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