Becca: From music star to UPSA Valedictorian

Rebecca Acheampong had one dream in mind when she enrolled for the Master in Brands & Communications programme at the University of Professional Studies, Accra (UPSA).

Her goal was to not become an “ordinary student” or just another graduate from the University. She wanted more than just that.

She aimed to carve out a niche for herself and entrench her name in the annals of UPSA.

By staying true to her dreams and applying diligence to her studies, Becca, as she’s popularly known in the world of music entertainment, graduated with a FCGPA of 3.92, positioning her as the Overall Best Graduating Student (One Year Programme) and the best graduating student in Brands & Communications programme.

It’s an accomplishment she intends to cherish more than the many musical awards she has received.

Valedictorian, Rebecca Acheampong addressing her colleagues at the event.

In her valedictory speech at the First Session of the 14th Congregation of the University, Becca urged the youth to commit to their dreams and continuously work hard towards achieving them.

“When I started this course, I told Mr. Kailan [the Programme’s Coordinator] that I don’t want to be an ordinary student,” she said.

“That I wanted to leave here with merit and so I’m really honoured to be here today. I stand here before you as a testimony and confirmation that if you can dare to dream, you can surely have it. I really hope someone out there can be inspired by me or by this and challenge for even higher and better.”

The singer, who is also a product of Wesley Girls Senior High School, noted that with her many commitments, pursuing further education seemed like an impossible task.

“Being a mother now, a wife, a career professional and a singer furthering my education seemed quite impossible but thanks to my ever-supporting husband, Dr Saani Daniel who was always there to remind me that it was very possible,” she said. “There is nothing you cannot do under the sun if you dare to try.”

Becca thanked the Vice-Chancellor and lecturers for their guidance throughout her period of studies. She also expressed her gratitude to parents and guardians for their love and for constantly sacrificing to see their wards get the education they need.

The visibly elated Becca also congratulated her colleagues for their commitment to their studies and standing their ground to graduate despite the diverse challenges they were confronted with.

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