Acting CEO of MTN Ghana calls on UPSA graduates to uphold integrity

The Acting Chief Executive Officer of MTN Ghana, Mr. William Tetteh, has entreated grandaunds of the University of Professional Studies, Accra to uphold a strong sense of integrity and leadership as they mark the successful end of their study programmes at the university.

He also called on them to embrace the application of science and technology and innovative ways to provide solutions to problems to promote growth and development of the country.

Mr. Tetteh was speaking at the Second Session of the 12th Congregation of the university.

“Change requires you to change yourself and the way you see things in order to adapt to the new normal,” he said, referring to the transformations that have taken place in the world since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic.

What you have learnt from school is great. But to succeed in the real world, you must learn new ways of doing things, new cultures and new skills.”

Mr Tetteh advised the graduands to constantly seek new skills and be open to change as their career paths may change along the line.

“Allow yourself to be a beginner,” he told the graduating students. “Nobody started excellent. Make failure part of your narrative and celebrate your rejections. Everyone fails, failures are building stones that mould us for excellence.”

Mr. Tetteh, who is General Manager for MTN Capital Projects, also urged the graduands to nurture the relationships they have built at UPSA and stay in touch with those contacts.

1096 students from the Faculty of Accounting and Finance graduated from UPSA on Thursday morning, after four years of studies to obtain degrees and diplomas.

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