The past two years have been like no other! The lessons of the pandemic and our evolving adaptation to the dynamics of teaching and learning during COVID has impacted our sense of teaching, learning, and training in general. The UPSA Law School has during these times again shown its leadership and capacity to implement a system that puts our students at the center and protects their best interest and quality of legal education.

Our Law School provides a congenial and vibrant community for preparing students to become excellent attorneys and also for those who may just be seeking knowledge in the law as corporate leaders, civil society activists and officers of international organizations.

Our faculty comprises some of the most effective law lecturers from across the world whose diverse backgrounds enrich the teaching and learning of the law. In addition to the depth of scholarship characteristic of our faculty, the Law School has become especially adept at skills training and innovative learning which it promotes through its close knit student-lecturer relationship. This includes our extensive clinical programs, which give our students the opportunity to develop their practical lawyering skills. In addition, our Law School offers a range of simulation programs through its mooting system, which help our graduates to be practice-ready when they complete their professional law school training.

I am especially delighted to welcome our new students from whom we look forward to gaining new insights on teaching in a pandemic era. To our returning students, I welcome you back to campus after a year of uncertainties and online lectures.


Prof. Ernest Kofi Abotsi, Dean