Welcome to the School of Graduate Studies (SOGS) of the University of Graduate Studies of Professional Studies, Accra (UPSA).

It’s so refreshing to introduce you to our unique professional tradition that thrives on combining scholarship with Professionalism. Expressively, our programmes are not only designed to meet the growing demand in the business industry but also aimed at equipping prospective candidates with the requisite skills and expertise to manage contemporary business challenges in Accountancy, Management, Marketing, Governance, Auditing and leadership disciplines in both public and private sectors within any global jurisdiction.

Recognising our vision to become a leading centre of research and a world-class graduate school of management/accountancy inspired by values of integrity and creativity, the School of Graduate Studies (UPSA) unlike other similar institutions of higher learning expects high standard of scholarship and professionalism from its students. To achieve this target, the School has assembled some of the best faculty with both professional and academic qualifications with enormous experience in the corporate world of business. Our main aim is to care about teaching and research to help you in the pursuit of your dreams.

As the new Dean of SOGS, it is worthy to note that the School has expanded its number of programmes from four (4) to nine (9) since its inception in the year 2009 by the founding Dean “Prof. Goski Alabi”. Within a spate of eight years, the number of students’ enrolments increased from 160 students to 1,056 students comprising of a considerable number of international students from both Anglophone and Francophone countries. Currently, approximately 8% of the overall students at UPSA are registered at the School of Graduate Studies and over 16% of degrees awarded annually are granted from the over nine (9) programmes at SOGS. The high students’ enrolment and graduation ratio is a reflection of our quest to design pragmatic programmes relevant to the needs of individuals and the business environment.


John Kwaku Mensah Mawutor, PhD.