Welcome to the Faculty of Accounting and Finance of the University of Professional studies, Accra (UPSA). Your two to four-year stay with us promises to be exciting and delightful to propel you to careers in accounting, banking and finance. The faculty is a leading and innovative faculty that nurtures talents for leadership in the field of Accounting, Banking and Finance as well as Management Sciences and related areas. We understand the different needs of potential students and tailor programmes to meet their needs. Whether you are a fresh Senior High School graduate looking to pursue diploma/degree, an employee seeking to upgrade your knowledge to meet current or future employment needs, an experienced/matured person seeking to change profession or you are working towards professional qualifications such as Institute of Chartered Accountants Ghana (ICAG) or Chartered Institute of Bankers (CIB), Ghana, the Faculty of Accounting and Finance of UPSA is the place to be. The rigorous academic and research projects we take our students through also lay the needed foundation for future academic scholars.

The faculty is made of high calibre professionals with diverse experience in both Academia and industry in the aforementioned areas above. They provide friendly academic support to help our students succeed in their chosen areas to achieve their dreams. The faculty combines research with industry knowledge to provide unique learning experiences to our students to become future business leaders, CEOs, professionals and scholars. We understand the evolving nature of the business environment and therefore we review our curriculum content and methods of delivery regularly to ensure that our students are up to speed with current industry practices. The faculty also fosters strong relations with industry to offer the next business leaders relevant knowledge transfer through internship opportunities, business visits and guest lecture series.

The Faculty collaborates with scholars at all levels (organisations and individuals) to carry out research in areas of its mandate. We constantly seek new partnerships to ensure we are at the frontiers of research in Accounting, Banking, Finance and Management Sciences. Our research team handles specific research tasks for industry, non-profit making and governmental institutions.

We look forward to welcoming you into our academic and professional community, and to collaborate with you, as we produce the future of tomorrow’s accounting, banking and finance together.

Best Regards!


Prof. Isaac Boadi