Internships & Industry Relations


Industry Relations Department was established in the University in 2005 and mandated to advocate for stronger relations with Industries, Professional Institutions Associations and similar bodies in academia.

The Department was also tasked to take care of students’ Internships/Practical Attachment needs and other related manpower issues of the University as follows:


  1. Internship / Practical Attachment Training Management

The University’s Administration, as part of its academic requirements, places students with various business houses and firms for a minimum period of two (2) months to enable them obtain practical industrial experience in their respective fields of training during the long vacation.

Internship/Training is organized for students as follows:

  • At the end of level 100 for tertiary diploma students
  • At the end of level 300 for undergraduate students
  • Students of professional programmes.

Undergraduate and Tertiary Diploma Students’ internships are on scoring basis whilst those of Professional Students’ are non-scoring.

All students are expected to submit a written report after the internship period.

  • Scoring Internship Reports are assessed by qualified assessors and marks are awarded to meet the required credit hours.
  • Non-scoring Internship Reports are kept in the student’s personal files for future reference.

Guidelines for report writing:

Guidelines for report writing are obtained from the Industrial Relations Office to guide students in presenting standard reports.

  1. Coordination of all national service activities:

  • Submission of UPSA Final Year Students’ lists to the National Service Headquarters for posting.
  • Requisition of prospective Service Personnel to serve in UPSA (This is done in consultation with Management)
  • Posting of personnel to the various Departments/Units/Sections
  • General supervision of Service Personnel in the University.
  1. Protocol matters

Responsible for protocol matters of the Institute such as;

  • Visa procurement
  • Booking of flight
  • Travel Insurance
  • Ticketing
  • Matriculation and Graduation protocol issues
  • Management of visitors (External Examiners, Visiting Lectures etc)
  • General Protocol Services.
  1. Academic research letters

Responsible for Issuing of all Academic Research letters to students for their research works.

  1. Any other related matters


For further information, contact the Industry Relations Officer of the University

Tel. 0302-500171/5001723
E-mail: [email protected]