The UPSA Language Centre provides language courses for students and staff of the University, individuals and groups outside the university. In addition to the language and communication related courses which are compulsory for students at the University, the Centre offers customized and individual-focused language training courses. The Centre also renders professional language services for private individuals as well as companies and institutions.

Mainstream Courses

– Communication Skills
– Academic Writing
– English Language
– French
– Business Communication
– Technical Writing
– Public Speaking

NB: Any of these courses can be tailor-made on request for individual clients and institutions.


Professional Services


UPSA Language Centre Proficiency English and French Test

The English or French Proficiency test is for individuals who want to have a statement of their ENGLISH or FRENCH language proficiency for purposes such as further studies job and applications. The test assesses candidates on these four (4) skills: speaking, listening, writing and reading. Candidates may opt for preparation or training by the Centre before they take the test. The Language Centre also prepares students for other international examinations such as TOEFL and IELTS.

Candidates will have their Certificates within 10 working days of taking the test.

Tailor-Made Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Courses

The Centre designs courses in English and French specially to meet the needs and demands of individuals and organizations. Our target here are people who want to learn either French or English from scratch to advanced level. Here, the courses focus largely on speaking and understanding the language. There are also reading and writing courses. Grammar is only used to help you learn to speak and understand the language. Apart from French and English, the Centre also designs special course in the following local languages: Akan, Ewe, Ga, and Hausa.

Communication Courses

The UPSA Language Centre organizes workshops and training in academic communication skills, intercultural communication skills and business communication skills. The Centre also provides language trainings in English and French for special purposes such as Business, Media and Academia. Training in indigenous language communication is also available.

Translation and Editing Service

UPSA Language Centre translates texts from and into a range of languages (English, French, Twi, Ga, Ewe, and Hausa); and proofread and edit written texts. We work on all types of documents, both academic and non-academic.


Registration of Courses

One can choose to enroll for an open registration group course or one can apply for a custom-made language course or training.



Language Centre (Room 4)

Right Wing, J.J. Martey Building

Email: [email protected]

Tel: +233 244 466 149