You are welcome to the Center for International Education and Collaboration’s website. CIEC is profoundly committed to working with all departments to enable the university become ‘a world class higher education provider in both academic and professional disciplines, nationally entrenched, regionally relevant and globally recognized’.


The CIEC has the vision, commitment and the obligation to facilitate the progression of internationalization in its broad sense to the benefit of our university first of all, staff, students and faculty. As always, we are ever ready to continually improve and respond to the ever changing and evolving era of education globally.

Overview & Strategies

UPSA’s Internationalisation and Collaboration strategy explains the institution’s promise to ensure a pledge towards meeting local and global imperatives in the area of top-notch global university education.

Internationalisation in education promotes excellence in teaching and learning, modern scholarship and encourages understanding and respect among people of different backgrounds. International education is key to nurturing both global and locally competent students who can become global leaders. Such leaders at the global level form the basis for fostering a secure and peaceful world. This plan also outlines our focus on providing an exceptional teaching and learning environment for a multi-cultural university community which is committed to contributing to the interests of its internal and external stakeholders to their individual communities and countries.

The Collaboration component aims at liaising with local and international educational institutions for the mutual benefit of all the designated parties. Such collaboration will also ensure the success of all international and local partnerships and it is our expectation that such Internationalisation and Collaboration efforts will enhance the interests of all the relevant stakeholders. These identified strategies and activities will be undertaken in a planned and systematic manner in order to enhance UPSA’s corporate image and the brand. The pursuit of these corporate communications and integrated marketing communication goals will also encompass a constant analysis, review and strengthening of all the university’s internal systems, processes and structures.

Goals & Objectives

The goals and objectives of the Centre are therefore to:
• Facilitate International Programmes and Linkages for Students and Faculty

Strategic Objectives

• Facilitate Local and International Educational Collaboration
• Raise UPSA’s reputation, brand and the profile among our local and external stakeholders
• Ensure effective management of financial and material resources
• Create a culture of fundraising
• Provide efficient travel and visa related services to members of the university community for official travels


To offer leadership, direction and service to the UPSA through, internationalization and collaborations in higher education to enhance teaching learning research and community service.


To become a leader in the sub-region and the continent in the areas of internationalisation and collaboration at the tertiary level to promote glocal standards in teaching, learning, research and community service.