The Chaplaincy Unit (CU) serves as the centre for religious and spiritual development as well as character formation for the entire University community. It provides ministries, services and programmes to students and staff.


The vision of the Chaplaincy Unit is to become the centre for effective spiritual formation for the University community.


Our core mission is to encourage and enable members of the UPSA community to grow spiritually and maximize their potential, by providing meaningful opportunities for worship, fellowship, learning and care. Additionally, the Unit is committed to fostering a strong sense of community on campus and an awareness of the need to serve one another.

The Unit also seeks to serve the University community by offering care and counselling, support and guidance in matters of faith and spiritual development for all students and staff, both Christians and non-Christians.

Our Focus

The focus of the Unit is to develop and manage programmes, and provide services that will enhance the university’s mission.


These provide opportunities for students to come together for a variety of spiritually enriching programmes. Students can get involved in campus groups that are registered under the Chaplaincy Unit. Some of these groups include PENSA, ICGC Campus ministry, Methodist campus ministry Presby campus ministry, AGCM, the Muslim community etc..

Community Worship (Spiritual Formation)

The Chaplaincy organizes a day of prayer for students, Management and staff of the University community. Such intimate meetings are typically characterized by a strong tradition of vibrant worship, intense prayers, and inspirational messages, to mention but a few.
There is a Management Day of Prayer which takes place every Monday at 12:00 noon, and it brings together management and staff of the university for worship.

The University Day of Prayer also takes place as scheduled by the Management of the University and it brings together staff and students of the university for worship. Care is taken to ensure that the service is conducted in a way that meets the needs of both Ghanaian and International students.
The Unit aims at creating and maintaining an environment that promotes spiritual development and Christian values in the University community.

Morning Devotions

Devotional messages are sent to all members of staff through the intranet on daily basis. The CU also organizes morning devotions for students in their lecture halls before each day’s lectures begin. These devotions are led by student leaders.

Chapel Services

Chapel Services are held once a week on campus for prayer, worship and reflections on the word of God.
• Wednesday Morning (9:40 am – 11:40am) and Evening (6:00pm – 7:00pm)
No matter our level of spiritual maturity, connecting with God is important. Prayer is a unique and vibrant way to experience that connection in our daily lives.
The CU also organises a periodic reach-out programme called “Word on Campus,” which involves sharing the word of God through written notices.

Other Activities

The Chaplaincy Unit is responsible for mobilizing financial, material and human resources (students and staff) for short term missions and community service both to deprived communities and institutions such as orphanages, hospitals, schools and prisons.

Every year, the Unit mobilizes students during the first and second semester breaks for missions to deprived communities. The Unit also facilitates groups and individual social service projects to deprived institutions; all religious groups, individual students and staff are supported to mobilize resources in cash and in-kind for donation to orphanages, hospitals, prisons and schools.
The main goal is to inculcate into students the spirit of voluntarism and touching lives.

The Chaplaincy Team

The Chaplaincy Team is made up of the University Chaplain, and a chaplaincy committee. The chaplaincy is headed by the University Chaplain, who has overall oversight over the Unit and provides policy direction to the University on spiritual issues.
The Chaplain with the assistance of the Chaplaincy Board co-ordinates the ecumenical arrangements for the celebration of special occasions in the academic year, such as:
• UPSA Day of Prayer – Annual University Thanksgiving Service.
• Matriculation Thanksgiving and Dedication Service
• Graduation Thanksgiving Service
• Christmas Carols Service
• Muslims Special Day Celebrations


Enquiries about our services or any other related issue can be channelled through the University Chaplain, the Chairperson of the Chaplaincy Board or any member of the Chaplaincy Board.

The University Chaplain:
Rev. Theophilus Tetteh
The Central Administration Block – South Wing
Room No. – 025
Tel. – 0555464996

The Chairperson – Chaplaincy Committee
Dr. Mrs Helen Arkorful
Dean – Evening School
LBC – Room No. – 112
Tel. – 0242535747

You may call us, or pass by the office for assistance. The Unit has an “open door” policy, to ensure that we remain as accessible as possible. We also try to provide support as quickly as we can.

Your Confidentiality is Assured

We are here for you, to offer advice or just give you a listening ear, in a non-judgmental and confidential atmosphere, regardless of your religious affiliation (if at all).

Feel free to pop in at any time- All are welcome!