9th ICBMED: Call for Abstracts


The University of Professional Studies, Accra (UPSA) invites submissions for the 9th edition of its annual International Conference on Business Management and Entrepreneurial Development (ICBMED) 2024 on the theme “Sustainable Business Practices in Developing Economies: Navigating Uncertainties in a Digital Transformative Era”



In the dynamic landscape of developing economies, integrating sustainable business practices with digital transformation is pivotal amidst ongoing uncertainties. This merging aims to harmonise economic growth with social equity and environmental preservation. Digital inclusion and equity are cornerstones for bridging socio-economic disparities and fostering inclusive development. Sustainable development and innovation drive competitiveness while advancing environmental stewardship.

Consider Ghana, a vibrant West African economy where digitalisation reshapes various sectors. The government’s initiatives, like the digital transformation program, underscore the potential of digital technologies to drive inclusive growth, enhance productivity, and promote social inclusion and environmental sustainability. Digital inclusion and equity are pivotal for bridging socio-economic disparities across Sub-Saharan Africa. Sustainable development and innovation drive competitiveness, aligning with broader economic diversification and poverty reduction goals.

Ethical considerations and robust governance frameworks in the digital sphere uphold trust and accountability. Economic growth and trade rely on vibrant relations and digital capabilities to propel inclusive prosperity forward. Workforce empowerment through digital literacy and skill development is crucial for adapting to the evolving demands of the digital economy. Customer engagement and value creation are fundamental for delivering meaningful experiences and sustaining growth. Business continuity and crisis management strategies mitigate risks and ensure stability amid unpredictable environments. Promoting financial inclusion, social diversity, and well-being fosters equitable access and cohesion, driving inclusive prosperity. Urban sustainability management addresses environmental challenges in rapidly evolving urban landscapes.

Understanding digitalisation’s implications for Sub-Saharan Africa is imperative. Research must address the role of digital transformation in economic and business development, especially in Sub-Saharan Africa. The ICBMED conference 2024 on “Sustainable Business Practices in Developing Economies: Navigating Uncertainties in a Digital Transformative Era” provides a platform for interdisciplinary dialogue. Researchers, practitioners, policymakers, and educators will explore challenges and opportunities at converging sustainability and digital transformation. Through interdisciplinary dialogue, the conference aims to inspire innovative solutions and forge partnerships to propel sustainable development.

Prospective contributors are encouraged to submit abstracts aligned with the conference theme and diverse sub-themes, fostering lively discussions and generating insightful perspectives. For inquiries and submissions, contact the conference coordinator at ([email protected]).

Track 1 : Digital Inclusion and Equity

Track 2 : Sustainable Development and Innovation

Track 3 : Environmental Sustainability

Track 4 : Digital Ethics and Governance

Track 5 : Economic Growth and Trade

Track 6 : Workforce and Skills Development

Track 7 : Customer Engagement and Value

Track 8 : Business Continuity and Crisis Management

Track 9 : Promoting Financial Inclusion, Social Diversity, and Well-being in the Digital Age

Track 10 : Urban Sustainability and Management

Track 11 : Law and business organisations

Track 12 : Language, communication and technology

Track 13 : PhD student workshop/seminar

Track 14 : PhD and Graduate Student Papers


PhD Student workshop/seminar

This track aims to empower PhD students with valuable insights, resources, and support to navigate their doctoral journey successfully. Whether you are just starting your PhD program or nearing completion, this workshop/seminar offers a conducive space for learning, growth, and collaboration. Join us to be part of dynamic discussions, exchange ideas, and gain invaluable insights into your PhD journey!


PhD and Graduate Student Papers

PhD and Graduate students are encouraged to submit their papers to Track 12: PhD and Graduate Student Papers. This track will allow PhD and graduate students to share their work with current and future colleagues. Participating in this track will also provide students the opportunity to receive feedback from established scholars in their field of research as well as network with experienced leading scholars.



All accepted and presented abstracts will be published in a book of abstracts and on the University’s website. By submitting an abstract, authors consent and authorise the Scientific Committee to publish their abstracts.

Authors who wish to publish their papers are encouraged to submit their full papers to the Journal of Business and Professional Studies for consideration in a special edition on the conference theme. The Journal of Business and Professional Studies is a prestigious international peer-review journal published by the University of Professional Studies, Accra. Authors are to note that presenting their papers at the ICBMED conference does not guarantee an automatic acceptance for publication in the Journal of Business and Professional Studies.



  • Virtual



  • We hereby welcome authors interested in presenting papers during the 9th ICBMED – 2024 to submit an extended abstract of their research works (only in MS Word) through google link:


  • The deadline for the submission of abstracts is 15th March 2024.


  • The extended abstracts should not exceed four pages (including tables, figures, and references) and should follow the following structure: The sections’ names can be flexible, and subheadings can be used when necessary,


  1. Title of the paper
  2. Author(s) full name
  • Authors affiliation and email address
  1. Abstract  (Not exceeding 250 words)
  2. Introduction (Purpose/aım & background): This section should (1) present the scope and objective of the paper and state the problem, (2) briefly review the relevant literature, (3) provide a summary of the main results of the work.
  3. Methodology: The methodology must be clearly stated and described in sufficient detail or with sufficient references.
  • Fındıngs/results: The findings (or results) should be explicitly described and illustrated. The extended abstract may include supporting figures, tables, and images of the results (no more than one figure and one table). If the study has produced significant results, then the author(s) should provide a brief overview of expected results along the lines of the hypothesis set.
  • Conclusıons: Conclusions should include (1) the principles and generalisations inferred from the results, (2) any exceptions to, or problems with these principles and generalisations, (3) conclusions drawn and recommendations.
  1. References: References should be listed alphabetically and presented in a format according to APA 7th Style.



  • Conference date: 24th-25th April 2024


  • Deadline for submission of extended abstracts: 15th March 2024


  • Notice of acceptance of abstracts: 30th March 2024


  • Deadline for submission of PowerPoint Presentation 10th April 2024


  • Deadline for submission of pre-recorded PowerPoint presentation: 14th April 2024



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