887 students graduate with various degrees from UPSA Law School and Faculty of IT & Communication

A total of 887 students have been conferred with various diploma and bachelor degrees at the Second Session of the 14th Congregation of the University of Professional Studies, Accra.

The graduating students from the UPSA Law School and the Faculty of IT & Communication Studies (FITC) form part of the 2022 graduating cohort.

For this session, the UPSA Law School presented a total of 140 students for graduation while the FITC presented 747 students.

Out of the 140 students from the Law School, one student obtained First Class, 70 Second Class Upper, 53 Second Class Lower, 65 Third Class and 14 had pass.

The 747 students from the Faculty of IT and Communication Studies, on the other hand, comprised 371 undergraduates and 376 diploma students.

For the undergraduate level, one student obtained First Class, 94 Second Class Upper, 179 Second Class Lower, 93 Third Class, and 4 pass. 10 of the diplomates attained Distinction, while 218 obtained credit, and 148 had pass.

Addressing the graduands, the Vice-Chancellor of UPSA, Prof Abednego F. O. Amartey congratulated them for their accomplishments. He charged them to utilize the knowledge, skills and contacts they have acquired over their time as students to overcome challenges that they may encounter in the future.

Prof Amartey further advised the graduands to take charge of their own lives by becoming the architects of their future.

He noted that the world is rapidly changing and it was incumbent on young graduates to develop the right mental fortitude to catch up or “manage” the continuous changes around them.

He said: “Our world is rapidly changing. The reality is that change cannot be stopped but can only be ‘managed’. I encourage you to go out there to manage the changes that can affect you. Move forward into the future and change the world for the better.”

For his part, the Congregation Speaker, Mr Kwami Sefa Kayi, Morning Show Host at Peace FM, urged graduands to diligently work patiently towards achieving their dreams.

He said, more often, graduates leaving the university are so energised with ambitions that they often tend to overlook the process of waiting.

The ace broadcaster therefore advised graduands to perceive success as a continuous process or habit that is borne out of constant practice and perseverance.

“Life [has] thought us that in addition to our education and our ambition, we needed to be flexible to bend to accommodate the changes in our circumstances beyond our dreams because our dreams were not going to be immediate,” Mr. Sefa Kayi said. “We had to learn to eat gari before we could afford rice.”

He added: “We also needed to be agile to jump from opportunity to opportunity because as you step out there remember that not every opportunity is the opportunity. There will be plenty of stop, go, rethink, go, junction, re-strategise goal models. All of these will be along the path to success. But just like the proverbial cockerel, you get better at doing what you practice every day.”

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