2019 Management & Professional Day Celebrated


Notable among those recognized on the day was the Vice-Chancellor of UPSA, Prof Abednego Feehi Okoe Amartey, who was presented with a citation of honour. The others included Commercial Director of Coca Cola Bottling Company (Ghana) Ltd., Patrick Awotwi as well as Richard Osei-Owusu, Head of Finance and Administration of Interglobal Partners Ltd.


A portion of the citation to Prof. Amartey read: “You have always availed yourself to the service of society and have put into practice the knowledge, experience and training you have acquired to the benefit of others. Your exploits in youth engagement, professionalism, patriotism, philanthropy, and your insight for creativity has inspired many within and outside the University of Professional Studies, Accra.”

The event, which was under the theme: “The Future of Work: Entrepreneurship and Leadership roles in contemporary times,” served as a farewell rendezvous for the levels 200 and 400 final year management-students. It also brought together two highly reputed professionals from the extractive sector and beverage bottling industry who shared their experiences with the soon-to-be graduates.


Speaking on the topic: ‘being a leader without a title,’ Mr Patrick Awotwi said, the rising unemployment figures in Ghana call for students who are innovative and have mastery over what they do. It also demanded graduates who are authentic and have strong professional ethics with the gut to take ‘cautious risk’ into new ventures.

The sales mogul said, it is imperative for the new generation of youth to develop their leadership talents- “this means thinking outside the box and dreaming big but [I will tell you] never neglect due process because there is no shortcut to success,” he stressed.


Mr Richard Osei-Owusu, on his part, decried the philosophy of “go to school, get good grades and get a good job” as no longer feasible with the emergence of technology and artificial intelligence. He, therefore, made a passionate appeal to students to start their own businesses no matter how small it is and leverage emerging technologies.

He concluded by saying: “you can’t fight the impending technological disruption, but you can change with time to be relevant when the future is here.”


The Dean of the Faculty of Management Studies, Mrs Fidelis Quansah admonished students to watch the company they keep outside school; as such companies, she explained, will either make or unmake you.


She added “remember, attitude is key to your success in life. Be it in your company or someones. Now, employers hire for attitude and train for skills. Learn to be yourself always no matter the circumstance, trust in God, be principled and be trustworthy.”


Faculty Awards

Elizabeth Lamisi Issaka and Theodora Enam Kuwornu won the overall best students of the Faculty in B.Sc Marketing and B.Sc Business Administration respectively. And for their prize, they both received a laptop each. The Faculty will also bear the cost of graduation fee for the outstanding students in the diploma category.

Two Faculty lecturers, Mr. Kingsley Kofi Anagba and Mr. Mustapha Iddrisu, were honoured for their exceptional contributions to the Faculty and the University while lecturer and President of the UPSA Alumni Association, Mr Munkaila Abdulai was also recognized for his dedication to duty.


Below is the full list of awardees:

Citation of Honour – Prof Abednego Feehi Okoe Amartey

Citation of Honour – Patrick Awotwi (Commercial Director, Coca Cola Bottling Company Ltd.)

Citation of Honour – Richard Osei-Owusu (Head of Finance and Administration, Interglobal Partners Ltd.)

Overall Best Student (B.Sc Marketing) – Elizabeth Lamisi Issaka

Overall Best Student (B.Sc Business Administration) – Theodora Enam Kuwornu

Best Diploma Student (Diploma in Marketing) – Emmanuella Agbey

Best Diploma Student (Diploma in Management) – Blessing Ejere

Faculty Award – Kingsley Kofi Anagba (lecturer)

Faculty Award – Mustapha Iddrisu (lecturer)

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