Library Services


  •     Charging and Discharging Services
  •     Reference and Research Services
  •     Photocopy Services
  •     Binding Services
  •     Library use orientation services
  •     Electronic Search Services




  •     Computers to  support  internet and electronic searches
  •     Scanner
  •     Printers
  •     Photocopy machines
  •     Online Public Access Catalogue – OPAC 



Any book may be borrowed except the following:

  •     Books marked REFERENCE
  •     Newspapers
  •     Encyclopedias and other reference materials

    To be able to borrow a book, one must register with the Library
    A student may borrow one book for two weeks, renewable only once during the semester. No borrowing is allowed during vacation.
    Borrowing and /or returning of books shall stop an hour before the official closing time.
    Senior Members may borrow up to four (4) books for four (4) weeks. However, a book may be recalled after two weeks if the circumstances of the Library so demand.


  •     All students should register with the library at the beginning of their programme.
  •     All readers must enter and exit the library through the approved door.
  •     Silence should be observed at all times within the library and its precincts
  •     Group discussion as well as chatting is not allowed within the library
  •     Smoking is forbidden in all parts of the library
  •     No kind of food is allowed in any part of the library. This includes toffees, fruits, candies, water etc.
  •     Gowns, raincoats, umbrellas, bags, cameras, scanners, tape recorders, etc, must be deposited on the shelf provided for them and a tag collected for each item. However, such items are deposited at owner’s own risk. The library disclaims responsibility for any loss or damage to any item so deposited.
  •     Mobile phones should not be used in the library; they should be switched off.
  •     Wearing of hats and caps in the library is strictly not allowed.
  •     Readers must submit all books, files and bags for inspection when leaving the library.
  •     Books consulted should be left on the tables, readers should not re-shelve them.
  •     No seat shall be reserved by or for any reader; any seat(s) so reserved shall be cleared by library staff for use of others.
  •     Firearms and other offensive weapons are not allowed into the library.
  •     All borrowed books shall be returned by the last day of semester.
  •     Orderly conduct must be maintained at all times in all parts of the library.
  •     Unlawful acquisition of library materials, i.e. attempted stealing, shall be subject to appropriate sanctions.
  •     No one should write in or deface any library book. Any offender will face a severe penalty.
  •     It is an offence to cut page(s), write in or cancel any print in a book.
  •     It is forbidden to write on, cancel or remove library notice and circulars.

    Students shall discharge all obligations to the library before:

    Examination fees are refunded for professional students
    The commencement of any semester/trimester examination.


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Fax Number: +233 302 501174
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