The UPSA Global Alumni Association unites the people and ideas that comprise the lifelong UPSA experience. We provide the ongoing support and structure for UPSA alumni to pursue interests and activities that positively impact their lives and UPSA Alumni communities.

Our character, strength, and values come from our training and our commitment to a culture of inclusion and equity. We encourage and empower our alumni to create, participate, and lead, in ways that are personally meaningful and valuable to the community.

Our mission is to enhance and renew the lifelong UPSA experience for all alumni, wherever they may be. We strive to inspire new ideas, affiliations, friendships, professional fulfillment, and acts of service, in our communities, and around the world.

Our Values

We embody and promote the values of IPS-UPSA, our alma mater, which is: Integrity, Respect, and Service.

The UPSA Global Alumni Association also affirms the following Core Values:

• Openness: We welcome the healthy exchange of interests and ideas.

• Relevance: We endeavor to provide content and experiences that are unique, engaging, and valuable.

• Impact: We seek to inspire positive change for alumni individually and collectively, as well as for our communities.

• Collaboration: We believe our greatest strengths are realized by working together, in conjunction with UPSA, to achieve a shared mission based on the ideals of higher education.

Our History

Following the elevation of the Institute of Professional Studies to a tertiary institution in the 1990s; a group of past students from the IPS era and graduates from the UPSA, began to organise themselves, and to seek ways by which they can give back to their alma mater. They also sought in diverse ways to complement the efforts of the University Administration to rapidly transform UPSA into a world-class university.
The Award of a Presidential Charter, which conferred on the University the status to award its own degrees and certificates in 2008, rekindled the pride and enthusiasm among past students.
Later, large numbers of classmates begun to return to UPSA, to attend graduate School and to receive master’s degrees. With this tradition began a cycle of reunions that eventually led to the invigoration of the alumni association.

Here is a look at some important dates in the history of UPSA Alumni and the UPSA Global Alumni Association:

• 1999: The Institute of Professional Studies (IPS) Act, Act 566 was passed to establish the Institute as a tertiary institution with the responsibility of providing tertiary education in the academic disciplines of Accountancy and Management.

• The IPS Council accepts Interim Alumni Representation on Council

• 2003: Large numbers of classmates return to UPSA to attend graduate School.

• 2008: Presidential Charter was granted to the Institute, making it a full-fledged university capable of awarding its own certificates, diplomas and degrees for its accredited programmes.

• 2009: University Council formally accepts Alumni representation on Council; Alumni start to converge and mobilise.

• 2012: Members begin to sponsor academic/ graduation prizes for students.

• 2013: His Majesty, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, and Hon Kan Dapaah, Minister of Defence, awarded Doctorate Degrees for outstanding leadership and contribution to national development.

• 2016: Alumni organises cocktail party for members in honour of new Vice-Chancellor, Prof Abednego F. O. Amartey

• 2018: Alumni organises a fundraiser to support the Vice-Chancellor’s Endowment Fund.

• 2019: Mr. Francis Dadzie receives a plaque from the University for his outstanding contribution to the University

• 2019: Asantehene, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, delivers Third UPSA Annual Leadership Lecture.

• 2020: The Association formally changes its name to UPSA Global Alumni Association.