The Registrar’s Office is the coordinating administrative arm of the University, and is headed by the Registrar, who is the Chief Administrative Officer of the University.  Serving under the Vice-Chancellor, the Registrar provides the appropriate support for policy implementation, while keeping abreast with administrative trends to continuously improve services, and ensuring the interpretation and implementation of University rules, regulations and policies.

The Registrar is assisted by Deputy Registrars, Senior Assistant Registrars and Assistant Registrars who handle the various Departments of the Office, service Committees and the Governing Council of the University.

Administrative Directorates under the Registrar are:

• Academic Affairs
• The Human Resource Directorate
• Works & Physical Development Directorate
• Public Affairs Directorate
• Sports Directorate


Academic Affairs

The Academic Affairs Directorate is responsible to the Registrar, and performs the following functions:

Provides strategic direction regarding the academic matters of the University
• Facilitates the development and the implementation of academic policies of the University
• Provides policy direction on academic matters for the consideration of the Academic Board, Executive Committee and Management Committee
• Facilitates and supervises examinations, affiliations, admissions, sports, graduation and matriculation, outreach programmes on admissions
• Disseminates and implements Academic Board decisions
• Liaises with Deans/Heads of Department on the appointment of external examiners
• Liaises with the national regulatory board for equivalences of academic qualifications
• Manages the Matriculation Register on behalf of the Registrar


The Human Resource Directorate

The Human Resources Directorate is a service-oriented department, recognised as a trusted resource, strategic partner, leader and innovator in support of the University’s mission, vision, and employees. The Directorate contributes to the UPSA’s mission, vision, and goals by developing a Human Resource (HR) strategy and providing valued HR services to the University to attract, support, retain, and develop the diverse talents needed to achieve and sustain its mission and vision. The HR Directorate strives to deliver high-quality advisory services, competitive total rewards, organizational alignment and development, and effective employee relations strategies and communication, in compliance with University policy, legal, social, and economic standards. The Directorate is one of the main support sections under the Registry and facilitates the following:

• Recruitment process, promotion and transfer/reposting of staff
• Maintaining and updating the personal records of all staff
• Training and manpower development
• Providing general support services to all staff
• Industrial and employee relations
• Coordinating with other departments and units on staff related issues
• Compensation, salary, retirements and other benefits of staff in conjunction with the Director of Finance
• Transport and insurance of the University’s vehicles and buildings


Works & Physical Development Directorate

The Works and Physical Development Directorate is an integral part of the Central Administration and is headed by a Director with staff which include, officers, artisans and janitors.

The Directorate provides technical services for physical planning and development of the University.  It is also responsible for works and maintenance, general sanitation, landscaping, ground and gardens, management of estates, municipal services and the supply of power.  In addition, the Directorate is responsible for water supply and sewerage works on the University campus.

As part of the Directorate’s work, it supervises the scheduling of maintenance and the upgrade of existing facilities, and works in collaboration with the Health Directorate of the University.

The Directorate is also responsible for liaising with external consultants on capital projects where necessary.

Recent completed projects:
– The Students’ Centre
– The 3500 seater multi-purpose auditorium
– The electronic billboard
– The Astro sports facility

The ongoing projects being undertaken include:
– Lecture halls and general stores as part of the Academic Wing Complex.
– UPSA Student Hostels B & C
– Multi-purpose, ten-storey twin towers


Public Affairs Directorate

The Public Affairs Directorate falls under the Central Administration of the University, and has the responsibility for planning, organising and managing programmes and activities which enhance the flow of communication between the University and its stakeholders.  The Directorate is committed to pursuing aggressive partnership promotion and providing timely information among the academic community, stakeholders and the public through effective PR in a tactful, integrated manner for the purpose of increased visibility. The Directorate’s goal is to promote UPSA so that it emerges as a world-class university that provides relevant and cutting edge academic and professional programmes for national development.  In essence, the Public Affairs Directorate has primary responsibility for the projection and maintenance of the image/reputation of the University.  The schedules of the Directorate can be summed up to include the following:

• Media relations
• University publications
• Organising of official functions and Events Management, some of which include, Maticulation and graduation ceremonies
• Community relations
• Industrial relations

Sports Directorate

The Sports Directorate’s vision is to use sports and games as a means of encouraging students and staff to remain socially and physically fit, mentally alert and emotionally sound.  This is achieved through the following:

– Providing and making available sports facilities, equipment and supplies to students and staff for recreation and physical fitness
– Initiating sports programmes for staff and students.
– Unearthing talents, and developing high quality sports men and women capable of winning Gold medals during sports competitions.
– Sustaining the interest of students and staff in sports and games activities.
– Developing robust training programmes to enable sports men and women compete in all disciplines during intra halls, faculties and departmental sports and games; and outdoor year-round sports and games for students and staff, as well as the GUSA games.
– Providing opportunities for sports men and women to develop their talents and skills.

  External Sports Activities

– GUSA Games comprising football, basketball, volleyball, handball, netball, goal ball, table tennis, tennis, badminton, athletics, baseball and cross country.


Other Sports Activities
– Taekwondo

A Level 400 student of UPSA, Henrietta Armah won a gold medal for Ghana at the 2019 Korean Ambassador’s Cup Taekwondo World Championships held in Muju, South Korea.


Sports Facilities

The University’s sports complex has the following facilities:

– An Astro Turf sports facilities
– Courts for volleyball, tennis, badminton, handball and netball
– A tennis court for senior members
– A gym for senior members with a massage parlour, tennis court, lounge, changing rooms, viewing terrace and a snooker game board.

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