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UPSA Mail Instruction

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Welcome on the page of the IT Support of the University of Professional Studies, Accra (UPSA): In the framework of a partnership with Google, the UPSA puts at the disposal of its employees, and that of its student body, a set of tools called the Google Apps. The latter, as their name indicates are a suite of applications and a platform of services established by Google.

These tools are essentially Gmail for email, instant messaging and Chat audio/video, Google Calendar, for the management of the Calendar, Google Docs, for the treatment of text, the edition of spreadsheets and the creation of presentation, Google Drive, a storage space online and  Google Sites for the creation of Web sites.

All the services of Google Apps are accessible online, this allows you to use anywhere and with any computer or equipment (ex: tablet) for little as it is connected to the Internet. The document  created (texts, spreadsheets, presentations) are saved in a personal space online combining security and ease of access.

To use the Google Apps tools, each student, staff, professor or member of the administration should have an account @upsamail.edu.gh These accounts allow you to not only access to the above services (email, instant messaging, calendar etc.) but also to more than a hundred other Google services such as Picasa, Blogger, Google Video, Google+

Documentation available: Now that you have a Google account Apps, it is time to control these tools: Gmail, Google Calendar and to all the other applications that you will use from now on. This support site will guide you during your first access and throughout the transition.


To activate your mail:

1. Access www.upsamail.edu.gh

2. Login with your "student's ID Number" as username and password sent to your phone.

3. If you have any difficulty call 0264114789 between 8.00am to 5.00pm (Ghana Time) on weekdays or refer to https://sites.google.com/site/appsenterpriselaunchsite for further instructions.