UPSA Consultancy strategically creates value for our clients and brings competitive advantage to their activities. For any specialised assignment, we meet the needs of our clients by combining our capability, network and local market knowledge with our extensive range of available skills and specific expertise.

Our Distinct Features Include The Following:

Our Team

Our clients value the capacity of UPSA Consultancy to build and project-manage complex, multi- disciplined teams to reach innovative solutions. We are accustomed to building teams that draw on the core competencies of UPSA staff and upon our extensive network of sub-contractors and business associates. This has enabled us to work successfully on assignments at both central and local government levels in diverse sectors such as:

1. Donor funded Projects
2. Human Resource transformation and Training.
3. Governance.
4. Multi-sector Initiatives.
5. Health Research.
6. Micro-enterprise Development.

Our strategic intent is to create value for our clients and bring competitive advantage to their activities. The collective knowledge and experience of our team is leveraged directly to our client’s benefit to minimise start-up and learning costs. We are well positioned to bring to bear the experiences gained from previous engagements by applying proven concepts to our deliverables.

Commitment – The UPSA Consultancy team is absolutely committed to the provision of high quality client services. As such, we invest significant resources towards the development of our team members to ensure continual dedication to the development of our clients’ businesses. Local Knowledge/Capability-Our approach to all client services is founded upon our understanding of the issues within our client’s business. We render services which we believe are beneficial to our clients. Our familiarity with local business, cultural, political and legal circumstances is combined with our country-wide experience to provide the highest quality service.

Our experience – UPSA Consultancy has over the years conducted numerous assignments which are, in diverse ways, relevant to the need of the client. We bring to bear our several years of consultancy experiences which are unrivalled.


Consultancy Services: The methodology for identifying client’s problems and offering solutions has primarily been Hands- on Process Consult approach which is both participatory and interactive.

Training Management: UPSA Consultancy’s approach to Training Management covers needs assessment, design, organization and evaluation with a practical mix of participant-centered discussions, case studies, films, role-plays, syndicate work (customized for client’s needs), indoor and outdoor activity-based exercises. UPSA Consultancy offers customized / tailor-made training on demand to Financial and Corporate Institutions/Organisations.

Manuals Development: Our manuals development is centered on relating the subject matter of the manual as a solution to the client’s identified performance problem(s) using appropriate and practical outline and language to enhance learning.

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1. Socio-Economic Research

1. Marketing Research and Socio-Economic Surveys
2. Employee Satisfaction Surveys
3. Customer Service Measurement Surveys

2. Project Monitoring, Evaluation And Appraisals

0. Mid-term and End-of-Project Evaluation/Appraisals
1. Impact Assessments

3. Private Sector Development

0. Design of Private Sector Programmes
1. Monitoring and Evaluation of Projects
2. Development of Strategic Plans, Marketing Plans and Business Plans
3. Feasibility Studies

4. Corporate Diagnostic Studies

0. Undertake Corporate Diagnostic Studies
1. Undertake Corporate Capacity Analysis

5. Development Of Human Resource Management Systems

0. Training and Staff Development Policies
1. Performance Appraisal/Measurement Systems
2. Employee Competency Profiling
3. Conditions of Service Design
4. Office and Administration Systems
5. Internal Control Systems

6. Decentralization And Development Management

0. Performance Needs Assessment
1. Development of Medium Term Plans
2. Monitoring and Evaluation of Projects
3. District and Community Poverty Profiles and Assessment
4. General Management
5. Financial Management and Training
6. Strategic Planning and Management

7. Microfinance And Institutional Developments:

0. Institutional Assessment
1. Governance and Decision-making Processes
2. Information and Management Tools
3. Risk analysis and internal controls
4. Business Planning
5. Marketing and Services
University of Professional Studies, Accra (UPSA) Consultancy seeks to enhance the human capital potential of organisations and individuals through cutting-edge training programmes aimed at providing comprehensive business performance improvement solutions. Our key differentiation is the quality of knowledge and skills transfer to enhance organisational performance.