Campus life


  1. ISTD (Information Services and Technology Directorate) BLOCK. This block houses the ISTD Directorate which is responsible for all IT related issues on the campus
  3. SENIOR MEMBER’S CLUB HOUSE. This is a one storey building located adjacent left of the main gate to the University. The Club House is being managed by Traffix Limited. The facility has a gymnasium, massage parlour and relaxation lounges which provide catering and bar services to Senior Members of the University community and the general public.
  5. SENIOR MEMBER’S TENNIS COURT. The lawn tennis court is part of the Senior Member’s club house facilities. This facility is open to the general public.
  7. BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT BLOCK. This block currently houses offices for the heads of departments, research fellows, business development unit, internet café, physical development unit and SRC offices.
  9. LECTURE HALLS. This is a three storey lecture hall facility for undergraduate studies with the last floor occupied by the School of Graduate Studies (SORAGS). Ancillary facilities in the block are a bookshop and offices.
  11. ACADEMIC WING COMPLEX. This facility comprises lecture halls, computer laboratories, lecture auditorium (under construction) and offices for academic staff (under construction).
  13. MEETING HALL(Great Hall). The block referred to as the Great Hall, is a multi-purpose hall used by students for various meetings and activities.
  15. STUDENTS’ SPORTS FACILITY- (Football pitch, volley, basketball and lawn tennis courts). The sports facility comprises of a football pitch, volleyball, basketball and lawn tennis court for use by students.
  17. PUBLIC PLACE OF CONVENIENCE. It is located to the far most right corner to the students’ sports facility and serves the sports facility and rest of the campus.
  19. VENDOR’S MARKET. This is also known as the food court. This is the main hub which provides food and catering services for students and staff of the university. There are currently five different catering services providers whose activities are monitored and checked by the food and environment committee to ensure food safety and quality standards.
  21. OLD SRC OFFICES. This block, formally served as the offices for the Students Representative Council (SRC) and is now temporally accommodating the pharmacy and an administrative office for the clinic.
  23. UNDERGROUND WATER RESERVOIR. This is a 574 metre cube capacity underground water storage reservoir and treatment plant located close to the vendors market.
  25. CLINIC. The UPSA clinic provides hospital services for staff and students of the University community. It has currently an outpatient department (O.P.D), medical records section, male and female wards, doctors consulting room and treatment room.
  27. IPS MOSQUE. The mosque serves the Muslim community of the University.
  29. LECTURE HALL COMPLEX. This is a five storey lecture hall complex accommodating lecture halls, a meeting room and offices spaces in the central spine on the ground floor. The remaining five floors have lecture halls at the wings and offices for the various departments in the central spine on each level. This facility has two main stair areas, a pedestrian ramp access on all floors and a lift at the main entry foyer.
  31. LIBRARY BLOCK COMPLEX. The facility is a five storey library complex still under construction. It will comprise of open reading spaces, lending library, offices for staff of the library and professors, learning commons, research commons etc.
  33. ADMINISTRATION BLOCK. This facility accommodates all the administrative offices of the University. It comprises of a central wing, north and south wing and a third east wing yet to be constructed. It also has a spacious car parking at the frontage.
  35. GATE HOUSE. This is the first point of call when entering the University campus. It is a two separate one storey structure which houses the offices for the security officers and transport unit on one end and offices of the Alumni Unit on the other side.
  37. BANKING FACILITY AND FINANCE ANNEX. The one storey structure at the extreme far south end of the campus accommodating the banking hall and offices of the Access Bank Limited on the ground floor and the first floor is occupied by the Finance Department of the University.