Center of Excellence

The University has established four centres of excellence namely; The Drolor Centre of Strategic Leadership, Centre for Public Accountability, Otumfuo Centre for Traditional Leadership and the Centre for Universal Health Coverage.  

The Drolor Centre was established to provide a facility that will bring leaders together to explore leadership in a global context with the aim to provide leadership development, leadership research and case sharing to participants. In addition to providing a platform for leaders to engage in creative and focused big picture thinking, it also explores how leaders can develop cooperative global leadership and partnerships in a political and economic context. It will examine what strategic and global leadership models may deliver better and sustainable value. Central to this, the Centre will be providing leaders with skills to enhance how to communicate to stir passion and ignite the fire for change in others to lead for greater societal impact.

The Concept of Public Accountability demands that politicians and public servants who are entrusted with public resources must be answerable for their fiscal and social responsibilities to the people who provided the resources and who assigned the responsibilities to them.

In a democratic society, Public Accountability is a key aspect of Good Governance. It promotes good behaviour on the part of public servants and enhances effective public service delivery. Unfortunately, Accountability and Transparency in the public sector have been evasive and cited as the primary causes of corruption in Africa.

The resiliency, legitimacy and relevance of Ghanaian traditional institutions in the socio-cultural, economic and political lives of Ghanaians are undisputable. As governments and the people seek to build democratic institutions, traditional rulers are advocating the need to recognize them as forces to reckon with, especially in the development of the nation. However in modern times, the rampant increase in cases related to land disputes, chieftaincy disputes and other forms of litigation have become the concern of many Ghanaians. Research reveals that traditional institutions have not kept pace with other political and social transformations.